ly into a rage when he comes back.

So after explaining some things to Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun, Wei Xiaobei left the martial arts gym.
As for the place to live, Wei Xiaobei has already chosen a small hotel next to Fengtou Mountain.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei felt that his situation was similar to that of the protagonist and supporting character in Death is Coming. There was danger and trouble at any time. Therefore, in order to avoid troubles such as cars, Wei Xiaobei chose Fengtou Mountain.
After all, Fengtou Mountain is relatively sparsely populated, and the small hotel where you booked online is a farmyard. The tallest building is only two floors. Even if the building collapses, Wei Xiaobei will not be able to escape in a short while. crush to death and reduce a large number of casualties.
Although Wei Xiaobei was not a Holy Mother, he was still unwilling to passively cause casualties if it was not necessary.
And then, Wei Xiaobei completely felt the pain of the misfortune.
In order to avoid a car accident, Wei Xiaobei did not drive to Fengtou Mountain by himself. Well, according to precise calculations, if he drove by himself, the chance of a car accident would increase to 100%.
Moreover, Wei Xiaobei decided to take bus No. 11 and go there on two legs.
But what Wei Xiaobei never expected was that even so, on the way to Fengtou Mountain, Wei Xiaobei still encountered three car accidents, and these cars all took the initiative to hit Wei Xiaobei. If you dodge, the car will either hit a wall or a road pillar.
After Wei Xiaobei rescued the drivers from these cars, he found that they were all drunk.
This was just a coincidence, but it made Wei Xiaobei even more worried about the bad luck.
There is no doubt that this involves something as mysterious as fate.
When Wei Xiaobei arrived at Fengtou Mountain and had just checked into the small hotel, an overloaded heavy truck took advantage of the darkness and broke through the wall because of brake failure. It entered the small hotel and crashed outside the room where Wei Xiaobei lived. Not to mention breaking out of a hole, the more than 20 tons of steel bars carried on it rushed into Wei Xiaobei’s room under the action of inertia like rain.
In an instant, Wei Xiaobei’s bed and most of the room turned into a hedgehog-like being.
Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei noticed the heavy truck before it rushed in and avoided it in time.
Although he had escaped the more than 20 tons of steel bars from the heavy truck, Wei Xiaobei understood that it was impossible for him to live in peace here.
Now it’s a heavy truck, and when dawn comes, a plane might crash directly overhead.
/After leaving the inn, Wei Xiaobei was a little confused. He couldn’t stay in the inn anymore. Do he really have to sleep in the open air?
Forget it, Wei Xiaobei shook his head and simply went into Fengtou Mountain, found a cave under a cliff, and stayed there.
Wei Xiaobei really didn’t believe it anymore. How could the bad luck make Fengtou Mountain fall down and crush him to death?
I have to say th