then localize.”

Xu Ying nodded repeatedly.
Lu Yiren’s face was indifferent and his eyes were fierce, obviously he did not agree with the words of the two fateful mandarin ducks.
/Seeing this, Xu Ying immediately sacrificed the Shanshui Zhangtian Ruler, pushed his cultivation to the extreme, and shouted with murderous intent: “Lu Yiren, don’t think we are afraid of you! The injuries of the ancestor god and the saint have been healed by me long ago, just wait for I’ll throw you into a trap! Where are the disciples of my Shiquan Dao Sect?”
Jingming’s old servant, Ming Wangsun and the thousands of servants were full of murderous intent, and their voices were as loud as thunder.
The Ancestral God and the Holy Lord each have powerful auras, ready to fight Lu Yiren to the end.
Lu Yiren shook his head and said: “Xu Ying, I just preached. Judging from your reaction to the lecture, I have already mastered the depth of your Cuiyan Avenue. I also know how much strength you can heal the ancestors and saints and restore them.” . Do you think you can stop me with your strength?”
Everyone’s expressions suddenly changed upon hearing this.
Lu Yiren’s sermon seemed to be communicating, but it was actually testing, but this kind of testing was really clever!
The murderous look in Lu Yiren’s eyes became more and more intense. Suddenly he saw the murderous white-bone dragon carrying two axes. His expression suddenly changed, he turned and left, and said calmly: “Let you live, it is a debt repayment!”
His figure disappeared into the darkness.
Xu Ying, Yuan Weiyang and others couldn’t help but be shocked, wondering why he didn’t go on a killing spree at the last moment.
The Holy Lord said: “It is not suitable to stay here for a long time. After you have overcome the tribulation, you should leave quickly to avoid causing trouble!”
Xu Ying asked: “Lu Yiren said that Taoist Wukong once swam through the cesspit of the universe, came here, and then went to the world of immortals. Is it true or false?”
The Holy Lord said: “He should not lie about this, it should be true.”
Xu Ying looked up at the sky and saw a Milky Way running through the starry sky. That Milky Way is the immortal river of spiritual light transformed from the body of the ancient dragon. As for the earthly and celestial realms, they did not appear in the celestial phenomena.
Yuan Weiyang said: “Lu Yiren said that his parents brought three green rocks to help the three realms get rid of ignorance and become civilized. Is it true or false?”
The Ancestral God said calmly: “Of course it’s a lie. He brings you disaster and even claims to be helping you to be civilized. God allows this kind of people to kill one after another.”
Xu Ying thought: “Lu Yiren asked us to transform into human beings. It seems to be good for us, but in fact he has evil intentions. Summoning caves and abyss always makes people feel a little weird. Because the Taoist cry that swept through the ancient times came from these summoned caves and abyss. Emitted. These caves and abyss are a bit weir