y that he had done these illegal things. However, Now that he was completely exposed, he felt as if the cartoons on his body had been stripped off and humiliated by being displayed in public.

It’s a pity that Li Jiaran didn’t understand the meaning of full open at all, and just asked curiously: “Why do you need Brother Lu to ask? If he doesn’t want to, just let me do it.”
Li Jiaran didn’t understand. This was exactly what Lu Tong wanted. He quickly volunteered and said, “No, Brother Ran, just let me do it. But who should I ask?”
Quan Kai pointed to the bar and said, “Of course I’ll ask the boss.”
11. Tune the tiger away from the mountain
There are two women on the bar. One of them is a younger woman standing at the bar. She is adjusting various cocktails. The other woman in her thirties, wearing a long black dress, is sitting at the bar and drinking. Drinking water and playing with mobile phone leisurely.
/Lu Tong looked at the two women and asked Quankai: “Which one is the boss?”
Quan Kai said: “Of course she is the older woman. Think about it, who would drink boiled water alone in such a shabby bar? If there is no brain problem, it must be the owner of the bar. .”
Lu Tong said tremblingly: “Then let me try.”
Lu Tong picked up his wine glass, straightened his body, slowly walked to the woman in the black dress, and said elegantly: “Beauty, can I buy you a drink?”
The woman turned around and looked at Lu Tong. At this time, Lu Tong could also see the woman’s face clearly. The so-called “charm is still there”, I think is used to describe this woman. She has willow eyebrows and thin lips, if not for the corners of her eyes. With some crow’s feet, you can hardly tell that she is in her thirties.
The woman smiled and said, “At such a young age, do you also like an aunt like me?”
Although Lu Tong was still frightened, he still pretended to be a gentleman and smiled: “You misunderstood. I have something else to ask you.”
The woman asked curiously: “That’s really a pity. Do you have anything to do with me?”
Although it is true that Lu Tong likes beauties, he is not that fond of beauties with such a big age gap.
Lu Tong asked in a low voice: “May I ask if Madam is the owner of this bar?” Lu Tong’s voice was so low that only the two of them could hear it.
The woman also replied quietly: “Exactly.”
Lu Tong seemed more cautious. He looked left and right first to make sure he didn’t attract other people’s attention, and then said: “Excuse me, boss, do you have any ‘meat’ here?”
The so-called “meat” here means drugs. Because drug use is illegal, many criminals will use many code words to replace drugs when communicating about drugs, and “meat” is just one of the code words.
The female boss looked surprised and asked curiously: “What are you talking about? What is ‘meat’?”
Lu Tong still refused to give up and said, “Stop pretending. A friend of mine introduced me here. He said you have meat to eat here.”
/“Little brother, you are a little strange!” The female boss was a little unhappy.
Lu Tong really gave up