ue Liang and said: “From today on, every double cultivation day, learn composition from me. Are you willing?”

/Xue Liang was stunned for a moment, followed by a burst of ecstasy: “I do, I do! Me, me”
Lin Yuan nodded lightly.
There was a reason why he chose Xue Liang.
After reading the company’s employee information before, Lin Yuan knew that Xue Liang was a composer with a high sales rate.
This man is very smart.
He never takes large orders worth hundreds of thousands, but only selects small orders worth around 100,000 yuan.
It’s a bit like adding up a little makes a lot more.
As for these small orders worth around 100,000 yuan, Xue Liang was very good at making them.
This is his strongest area.
Because most of these orders do not have high requirements for music, and catchy melodies are enough, Xue Liang’s order success rate is very high!
This is also an ability.
Lin Yuan felt that Xue Liang’s qualifications should not be bad for another reason:
Xue Liang is not a composer!
Before he became a composer, he was actually a programmer.
It sounds strange, but he is indeed a programmer who became a songwriter during the process of becoming a monk.
/That’s probably why Starlight Concert admitted him regardless of his college major.
This kind of person who has never been exposed to systematic learning can still complete some orders on a large scale. He must have talent.
Thinking of this, Lin Yuan asked Gu Dong to find a whiteboard and black crayons specially used for teaching.
After Gu Dong left.
With a thought in his mind, Lin Yuan activated Yang Zhongming’s character card, and countless composition knowledge instantly appeared in his mind. At the same time, the teacher’s aura automatically turned on!
“Then let’s get started.”
Xue Liang clearly felt that Representative Lin seemed to have become a little different at a certain moment.
But what exactly was different, he couldn’t tell.
Inexplicably, he felt very small
Two hours later, Xue Liang returned to the composition department in confusion. His colleagues immediately surrounded Xue Liang with curiosity on their faces:
“What did Representative Lin ask you to do?”
“You’ve been gone for so long?”
“Representative Lin is not the emperor, so how can he use the word ‘summon’?”
“I think the summons is quite appropriate and in line with Representative Lin’s status.”
“That’s right.”
After saying a few words, everyone looked at Xue Liang again: “A-Liang, why don’t you speak?”
Xue Liang looked at the crowd and opened his mouth. It took him a long time before he said, “I’m learning composition from my teacher.”
Everyone was surprised: “Teacher?”
Xue Liang seemed to have still not recovered: “Representative Lin is my teacher. He said he would guide me in learning composition in the future.”
“real or fake?”
“No wonder it took so long.”
“Representative Lin taught you for two hours?”
This was unexpected by everyone.
But Xue Liang was even more unexpected. When he recalled the course just now, he felt shocked: “Representative Lin, Mrs.