rridge is very effective.

I won’t talk about aroma and taste, it’s just a matter of appearance.
The effects of slightly improving physical strength, mental energy, and temporarily improving perception and intelligence are very good.
Wei Xiaobei then took a bowl and drank it.
Ice cold!
/Wei Xiaobei felt as if he had drank a bowl of ice water, and then everything from his mouth to his throat and even his stomach seemed to be cleansed by ice. After a while, this feeling subsided.
Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei’s physique was strong enough and he was able to carry it through directly.
According to Wei Xiaobei’s own feeling, if it were an ordinary person who drank this bowl of thick porridge, he would be frozen to death in the blink of an eye.
This is simply a panacea for killing people and stealing goods!
You know, the appearance of this thick porridge is steaming and looks extremely hot, but who would know that after drinking the thick porridge that looks steaming, it will freeze to death.
But as the corrosive effect of Yin Qi was dissipated, the delicious taste of the thick porridge immediately emerged. The refreshing and delicious pickles, the fat taste of wild boar barbecue, and the sweetness of spiritual rice were perfectly blended together, making Every taste bud feels like it’s going to explode.
After that, Wei Xiaobei felt that the physical fatigue and mental fatigue accumulated in the past were swept away by the waves of heat!
Is this a small increase in physical strength and spirit?
Wei Xiaobei felt that he was almost deceived by the literal meaning. In fact, this bowl of thick porridge replenished the physical and mental strength by at least 30% or even 40% of the total!
After Wei Xiaobei felt the effect of the thick porridge, he felt very satisfied. The five points of perception and two points of intelligence that were temporarily improved can also provide a lot of help at critical moments!
On the other hand, Tu Tu Gong, who also took a bowl and tasted the taste, his usually peaceful face became extremely surprised. He looked not like the usual dignified Tu Gong at all, but like a rich man who had picked up a gold ingot.
“This thick porridge is good! So good!”
After brewing for a while, the extremely excited Tudigong uttered two sentences.
Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei realized that compared to the benefits to Wei Xiaobei, this thick porridge had a more significant effect on a yin god like Digong!
The reason lies in effect four.
It can speed up the materialization of Yin Shen Yin Qi body!
There is no doubt that the earth god is a yin god.
The so-called Yin God means that after a person dies, the ghost is canonized as a god. In essence, the body of this Yin God is similar to that of an imp, but it is much more solidified.
If the Yin God wants to go further, it needs to materialize the body composed of Yin Qi and turn it into a normal body.
After so many years of Tu Tu Gong, it would be good if he could keep the Tu Tu Temple from declining. There is no time to think about the Yin Qi body.
But now,