inished product’s arrangement. It just requires Lin Yuan to activate his ability to imitate it. There is no need to find someone to do the arrangement separately.

Just like a novel.
/The novels provided by the system at the beginning were all for direct use, but later the system asked Lin Yuan to write them himself. The situation is similar now.
Making a sample, also known as a demo, is not difficult.
As long as you have a computer and related software, it’s easy to record songs. Lin Yuan has learned this, and it’s good to improve his hands-on ability. Anyway, it’s not a formal singing.
/He called Gu Dong, made some necessary preparations, and then officially started making the prototype.
Lin Yuan completed the production of the arrangement demo on the same day, of course it was a simplified version, and he began to gradually enrich it later, but it required more professional equipment and instruments, so Lin Yuan has been busy working on it in the next few days. .
at the same time.
Sun Yaohuo and Jiang Kui also began to find some male and female duet songs to practice the coordination of male and female duets, and also found professional teachers in the company to provide guidance. The two had worked with Lin Yuan and knew Lin Yuan’s standards for recording effects. It is very strict, so a consensus has been reached on this aspect. After all, the two of them are really on the same boat now.
the other side.
The crew is still filming “The Tuner”, but it has really come to an end. When there are not many scenes left, Lin Yuan deliberately chose a few days to accompany the crew towards the final moment.
This is the benefit of being a screenwriter.
Time is relatively free.
If Lin Yuan is the director of this drama, then at least for a few months, Lin Yuan will not have much time to do other things. He has to lead the crew every day, and he may not even be able to spare time to record songs.
Last day of shooting.
Lin Yuan watched on the set.
Liu Zhengwen hit the telephone pole and fell out. Due to the angle of view, the camera was misaligned to avoid the sponge pad tied to the telephone pole. From the perspective of the camera, Liu Zhengwen was actually hit. Go up.
His head was a little red.
This is also a shooting technique. The sponge pad is stained with some special paint, which can make people feel injured. Then he ran to the other side of the road. As a result, because he was blind and unable to see, several cars suddenly braked.
The trumpets sounded in unison.
A car was blocked by him.
Liu Zhengwen’s panicked posture seemed like he really couldn’t see. He almost rolled and crawled to the roadside. His panicked tears mixed with the blood from the scratches made him in an extremely embarrassing state at this moment. Lin Yuanming knew it was fake. I couldn’t help but feel a little sympathy
With Yi Chenggong’s voice, the filming of the scene finally ended. With this call to stop, “The Tuner” was officially finished. The staff had surrounded Liu Zhengwen. Although there w