aron De Ward was happy in his heart, but his face was even more respectful.

“Here is a bottle of potion, drink it right here!” David pondered for a moment, took out an alchemy potion bottle and handed it over and said.
Baron Derward hardly hesitated. He took the alchemical potion bottle and drank the potion in the potion bottle without even asking.
He knew very well that Lord Arthur had no reason to harm him, and if Lord Arthur wanted to harm him, with the strength he showed today, how could he use such complexity.
After the potion entered his abdomen, a warm current spread from the inside to the outside. Baron Deward felt that his body was becoming younger. This feeling was very strange, as if time was flowing backwards on him.
What David took out was just a bottle of healing potion, but he added a little ‘immortal vitality’ to it. After his precise calculation, this ‘immortal vitality’ could make Baron de Ward twenty years younger.
“Thank you Lord for the gift!” Baron Deward said excitedly as he felt the changes in his body.
/“This is a reward for your hard work in the recent period. When I go back this time, I will use my merits to promote you to the first level of nobility. Work well for me. You will find that what you get is beyond your imagination!” Wei did not help Baron Deward this time, but said calmly.
Baron de Ward might not understand what David said, but Baron de Ward could feel the youthfulness of his body, and he seemed to have returned to his prime.
Baron Durward sat back down in his seat. His face was rosy and his skin was moist, not at all like what an old man should be.
What’s even more striking is his pair of eyes. Eyes are the most obvious sign of a person’s age. For a person like him who has experienced many vicissitudes of life, his eyes have become a little cloudy, but now his eyes are clear and bright.
Compared with the last time he took the ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’, Baron De Ward has changed even more this time.
“Information from the Battle Star must be sent to me in time. The Zerg invasion of the Chaotic Star Territory is likely to weaken the control of the Divine World over the Battle Star. Whether it is the Zerg, the Interstellar Federation, or even within us, we must do something It’s a good supervisory role, I will authorize you, and also let the Toherty Templars cooperate with your work!” David confessed in a deep voice.
“Yes, Lord!” Baron Deward’s eyes flashed, which enhanced the power in his hands, allowing him to extend his intelligence network into the divine world of Battle Star.
In the past, Baron De Ward’s intelligence network was aimed at the Interstellar Federation and had no authority to investigate the knights and nobles of the Battle Star.
After receiving David’s order, Baron Deward’s status in Battle Star has been greatly improved compared to before, and he has even become second only to Earl Brooks.
Baron De Ward was extremely excited. He liked power, otherwise he would not still be in control of the intelligence organization at this age.
He felt th