felt four ‘exploding’ rays of light rushing underground along the hole.

Just when the energy clone began to collapse, the ground trembled, as if the earth was shaking.
The effect of the four ‘exploding’ rays of light was to penetrate the extremely deep crust of the earth, and the underground molten magma gushes out, triggering a small-scale earthquake.
The last breath David felt in the Zerg world was an angry breath coming from above. All humans present, including the energy clone that collapsed half of his body, were turned into minced meat by this blow.
David’s consciousness retracted, and he didn’t know whether he should be happy or sad. What was happy was that he definitely did something that made the strongest Zerg extremely angry, but what was sad was that all the knights were sacrificed.
What he didn’t know was that after his consciousness left, where he was, due to his four ‘explosions’ and a powerful blow from the strongest Zerg, there was an earth-shattering explosion from the underground. , and then a large amount of molten slurry spurted out.
/A large number of Zerg who could not dodge were killed by the high temperature of the volcanic eruption. This was only on the surface, because the ground of the planet was divided into hundreds of layers, and each layer contained countless Zerg.
The volcanic eruption destroyed many underground layers, and a large number of Zerg were buried underground. Although most Zerg had the ability to dig into the ground, coupled with the high temperature of the volcanic eruption and the subsequent lava, the number of Zerg that died was impossible to count.
“Hallowe Templar, Mike Templar, Bayer Templar, Harry Templar, Crowe Templar, on behalf of all the knights who performed this mission, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you!” Speaker Gould came. He walked in front of the five pale-faced Templar knights and bowed.
Speaker Gould also opened the contact circle. He represented all the knights. If it were not for the sacrifices of the five Templar knights, I don’t know how many knights here would have fallen.
The Harold Templar stood up and bowed in return.
/In the view of Speaker Gould, the loss of the energy clones of the five fifth-level Templars is a huge loss, which will shorten their lifespan by at least several decades and increase the chance of falling into emotional deprivation.
But for David, as long as there is war and soul energy, he can assist the Templars and speed up the recovery of energy clones.
As for the lack of emotion, this is simply not possible for the soul clone that controls the Templars.
Speaker Gould was sincerely grateful. He understood that this was Lord Arthur’s explanation again. The five fifth-level Templars had been of great help before, and now they had saved everyone at a huge price.
If many Templars were lost in this operation, then he, the Speaker, would also be responsible.
You must know that it was he who issued the war order and brought together these powerful knights.
“You guys have a good rest, you will not pa