actyl’!” David patted the head of the renamed ‘Silver Pterodactyl’ and said with a smile.

In the main hall of ‘Twilight of the Gods’, the twelve fifth-level bishops were still suspended in the main hall, and they formed a circle.
“Lord Arthur has received our gift, Lord Imos is finished!” Ironside’s fifth-level bishop said in a deep voice.
When he received this information, he was not surprised at all. If the address was given, what surprised him was that Lord Arthur was not able to kill Lord Amos.
In order to prevent Lord Arthur from misunderstanding, the fifth-level bishop of Ironside did not even allow the intelligence personnel to approach the target area.
After the intelligence personnel waiting at the planet-level portal on Wacon confirmed that Lord Arthur had left, the intelligence personnel went to check the battle scene.
“But Lord Arthur didn’t contact us either. What on earth did he think?” Bishop Kingsley, the fifth-level bishop, said with a wry smile.
“If you were Lord Arthur, would you take the initiative to contact us?” Ironside’s fifth-level bishop asked calmly.
/None of the fifth-level bishops present were fools. On the contrary, every one of them was extremely smart. Those who were not smart would have died long ago and would have no chance of becoming a fifth-level bishop.
Indeed, as the fifth-level Bishop of Ironside said, with Lord Arthur’s rising reputation, even if he accepted Twilight of the Gods’ peace proposal, he would not take the initiative to contact Twilight of the Gods.
“The latest information is that the bodies of Bunian and Monsarat were handed over to the temple by Lord Arthur!” Ironside’s fifth-level bishop sensed the trembling of the contact circle. His mind scanned the back and his expression changed slightly. He said in a deep voice. announced.
No matter how much we speculated before and no matter how much evidence there was, it was only a high possibility. However, Lord Arthur handed the two corpses to the temple, which made it clear that the two fifth-level bishops of the God of Death were killed by Lord Arthur.
In other words, their guess that Lord Arthur killed two fifth-level bishops and killed the incarnation of death was all true.
“Lord Arthur, what does this mean?”
/“Declaring war on us?”
“I think it is to express an attitude and show our strength. We will never have any contact with you again!”
One by one, the fifth-level bishops expressed their opinions, speculating on the meaning behind Lord Arthur’s move.
They just contacted Lord Arthur to ask for peace, and Lord Arthur handed over the bodies of two fifth-level bishops to the temple. How could they not think too much about this.
“I have studied Lord Arthur’s information. Have you discovered anything? Lord Arthur has never taken the initiative to attack others. He was always forced to fight back. I think as long as we do not actively provoke Lord Arthur and continue to express our goodwill, Ya The possibility of Lord Se taking the initiative to attack us is very low!” The fifth-level Bishop Jeffers, who