“Knight Templar Harlow, your injury is healed!” Speaker Gould exclaimed after seeing Knight Templar Harlow rejoining the battlefield.
Not only Speaker Gould, but all the knights present saw the process of Harlow Templar’s injury, and they knew very well how serious the injuries Harlow Templar suffered at that time.
/In their opinion, there was only one possibility for such an injury to be able to recover in just a short period of time.
The God of War had shown divine grace, otherwise it would have been impossible for the Templar of Harold to recover so quickly.
“Thank you to the great God of War!” Knight Templar Harold didn’t know if the God of War was still paying attention. He was still maintaining his ‘fanatic belief’, which made him unconsciously reveal a pious attitude when he said this.
After receiving the confirmation from the Templar of Harlow, all the knights had a look of relief on their faces.
All the previous worries no longer exist. Countless generations have believed that as long as the gods are there, all troubles will be solved.
Originally, the God of War was always there. In a war with the participation of the God of War, they didn’t have to worry about anything. They just had to do their part.
/The increase in morale was reflected on the battlefield. In a short period of time, the knights actually pushed the insect tide several meters away.
Just when the knights’ fighting spirit was high, the space energy on the ‘space beetle’ surged, and a huge space blade appeared behind the circular knight battle formation, which was not attacked by the insect tide. The space blade slashed at On top of the knight’s battle formation.
The attack of the ‘Space Beetle’ is extremely sudden, and its attack does not need to consider the issue of distance at all. It is far away from the space gate and covers the entire knight formation within the attack range without moving.
The space blade collided with the bloodline power shield of the knight’s battle formation, and a large amount of bloodline power was consumed to resist the space blade.
You must know that most of the bloodline power of the knight’s battle formation does not stay at the rear, but is mostly concentrated in the front where it is in contact with the insect swarm, blocking most of the insect swarm’s attacks through the bloodline power shield.
The knight’s battle formation was adjusted immediately. The power of blood in the shield was consumed too quickly. The knights quickly replenished it and finally stabilized the shield of the knight’s battle formation.
But the little advantage they had gained before was also caused by the instability of the bloodline power shield, which caused the knight’s battle formation to retreat a few meters.
The knights’ newly raised morale was all dissipated under the attack of the ‘Space Beetle’.
“Prepare to charge!” Bishop McKinley’s voice reached the ears of every knight, which meant that the way of fighting had changed. It was no longer just defense without taking the initiative to attack.
Without th