Gould shook his head and said.

With Ian’s identity, after making a mistake, as long as he stays in the Ironforge Star for a full time, he will return to the family after leaving. Even if he is a low-level noble, and with the support of the Main family, he can live the same life as before. Casual life.
/Especially now that the Main family is becoming more and more powerful, Ian will still have many opportunities in the future.
But Lord Gould’s decision cut off any chance Ian had.
Planet Wandun is a special planet in the divine world, where abandoned nobles are exiled.
Planet Wandun is an extremely rare planet that lacks cultivation energy. Even on Planet Wandun, there are not enough resources and not even a planet-level portal is installed.
/It was purely a world for ordinary people, where the exiled nobles could enjoy the lives of ordinary rich people, but lost everything in the future.
“I’ll do it right away!” Baron Blackmer responded solemnly.
“Our relationship with Duke Arthur is even closer. Duke Arthur has reached level five, but he is not married yet!” Lord Gould did not say any more.
“I will also pay attention to this matter!” Baron Blackmer said with a smile.
The meaning of Lord Gould’s words was obvious, that he wanted to select a woman from the clan to marry Duke Arthur, but it was difficult to say clearly due to his status.
He can think of this, so you can imagine how much he values ??Duke Arthur.
Where does the Maine family’s growing influence come from? It is precisely because of Duke Arthur’s ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’, coupled with Duke Arthur’s close relationship with the Maine family, that the Maine family is gradually becoming a top noble. peak.
Duke Arthur is the most solid ally of the Maine family, and it is normal for Lord Gould to want to strengthen the relationship.
The news that Duke Arthur had been promoted to the fifth-level Templar Knight first spread among the top noble circles, and then spread throughout the entire noble circle at an unimaginable speed.
There are no real secrets in the aristocratic circle. News like this spreads through various cocktail parties and gatherings.
The Noble Affairs Office also sent the latest notice to all nobles, and Duke Arthur’s Luce family was promoted to the top nobles.
This news impacted the hearts of the nobles even more violently. The new top nobles meant the rise of a family.
This is the ultimate dream of countless nobles, which means becoming a sharer of the largest cake in the divine world and enjoying various top resource quotas.
Especially the twenty-two top noble families who participated in the invasion of Garmi Star. Although they paid compensation, they were still extremely uneasy.
These top nobles were frantically looking for various connections to meet Lord Gould. As for meeting Duke Arthur, they had already tried it, but no one had ever succeeded.
“Charlie, welcome!” David smiled as he watched Knight Charlie take the initiative to step forward and give an arm salute that was only used between friends, and greeted h