orted into the database.

It seems like there are a lot of books, but it actually only took a few hours to transfer tens of millions of years of knowledge about the divine world into the super server.
This system includes writing, history, economy, politics, military, gods, etc. It contains almost every aspect of the divine world and everything since recorded history.
Moreover, the intelligent system also analyzes and deduce many unknown contents based on these known parts. Of course, it is not certain whether these contents are accurate, but they are also reasonable deductions that are consistent with the divine world.
Of course David didn’t do this just for these reasons. He took out the book with the unfamiliar language and scanned it into the super server’s database through the intelligent system.
The next task of the intelligent system is to analyze the meaning of this strange text based on the knowledge of the divine world.
David didn’t believe that there would be no clues in this strange writing. In any case, this kind of writing was still the writing of God’s Great World. No matter how weird it was, it could not be separated from the culture of God’s Great World.
I believe that with 50% of the resources of the super server and the complete knowledge system of the divine world as support, it is very possible to thoroughly analyze unfamiliar texts.
After busying himself with things here, David returned to the space debris again.
He called Shadow Warrior to his side and put a hand on Shadow Warrior’s shoulder.
David’s spirit has been stuck at the value of 10.99 for a long time. All the soul energy he obtained before was used to resurrect the fourth-level Sky Knight. This is why he was able to be promoted to the fifth-level Templar Knight at an extremely fast speed.
Now he finally no longer has to use the soul energy he obtained elsewhere, and can absorb it on his own to increase his soul strength.
/His spirit entered Shadow Warrior’s body and he immediately felt the pure and huge soul energy.
The soul energy provided by the fifth-level Bishop Gershwin is far greater than the soul energy used by David to kill the fifth-level Templar before. In terms of soul strength, the two are not at the same level.
David had already guessed that he himself was a Level 5 spirit. Although his spirit did not have much reference value due to the special way of obtaining it, the power of the Level 5 spirit could also be seen from him.
This time he did not share the harvest with Shadow Warrior. He needed to break through his own mental barrier. Only with stronger strength could he obtain more soul energy.
David ordered Shadow Attendant to introduce soul energy into his body, and his mind also entered the soul space.
His soul space is already a small world, but he can actually control only a very small part of the small world, which is his soul fortress and a small piece of land outside.
/Huge soul energy entered the small world and formed a soul energy rain and mist above the soul fortress. However, this time the soul