ose a title and write a good poem to slap the literati in the face.”

“This method does take advantage. Fish Daddy is praised too highly now, so he has a burden. I feel that he is really afraid of losing. To be honest, as a fan, I feel a bit disappointed.”
“As for the fans who are pretending to be nm, when I click on your homepage, all the comments made by Black Fish Daddy are there!”
Although there was a twenty-minute wait, the live broadcast room was not boring.
The barrage is arguing.
Literary fans are all competing with Xianyu fans.
Several judges also have footage.
They are analyzing the topics of each group and discussing the level of the literati, which is also a highlight of the live broadcast.
“Maybe this time it will be “Like a Dream” too.”
“By the way, what topic do you think Xianyu will choose?”
“It’s hard to say. There are too many questions. He should choose the one he is most confident about.”
“I gonna go see.”
He Qinghuan suddenly stood up and said.
The remaining seven judges smiled and said nothing.
He Qinghuan walked towards Xianyu.
And when he saw the sheets of paper in front of Xianyu filled with poems, his footsteps suddenly stopped.
The camera follows He Qinghuan.
His expression was arranged in a close-up.
Then all the audience clearly saw a magical expression. It was said to be magical because it seemed difficult for everyone to accurately describe what He Qinghuan’s expression at this moment represented:
Or maybe
His eyes were wide open!
His nostrils expanded to the sides!
His nasolabial tattoos were trembling!
The corners of his mouth were twitching unnaturally!
“what’s the situation?”
There are countless comments wondering.
He Qinghuan’s expression looked like he had seen a ghost. Did Xianyu create this poem?
What a blast?
at this time.
Twenty minutes of creative time is just over!
Inside the ten pavilions.
The literati have different attitudes.
Some people were confident, some were nervous, some were sighing, and some were helpless. The results of each question seemed to be reflected on their faces.
Shu Ziwen has returned to his normal state, with a faint smile on his lips and a handsome and unrestrained posture. He seems to have forgotten the unpleasantness of being despised by Xianyu before.
Hua Weiming is wearing a long gown, standing with his hands behind his back, looking very proud, and the momentum of everyone in the literary world can be seen at a glance!
Jury seat.
An Long said solemnly: “Please circulate it to each other among the famous figures in the major pavilions. Those who feel that they are not good enough can withdraw voluntarily.”
The various pavilions circulated each other’s works amidst the hustle and bustle.
During the circulation process, everyone looked at the poems written by others in the pavilion. Some sighed, some looked surprised, some looked hesitant, and some praised each other.
“What a poem!”
“good words!”
“Disgrace yourself!”
“Admitted it!”