ngchrome finished singing.

The applause was delayed for several seconds before suddenly bursting out!
Several judges who had been staring at Zhao Yingchrome since they raised their heads made eye contact for the first time.
“Please give the judges their marks.”
The host glanced at Zhao Yingchrome, and there seemed to be something strange in his voice.
/This is definitely the most touching song of the Blue Music Club so far!
Not burning.
Not fried.
But “itch”.
The judges lowered their heads again, seeming to be thinking about how to score this song.
The live broadcast room has been in a state of boiling since Zhao Yingke finished singing, with countless barrages flooding the screen!
“Absolutely awesome!”
“There’s something going on here!”
“Ahhhhhhhhhhh, what kind of song is this!”
“Father Fish, please say a few words quickly!”
“I really want to say that Zhao Yingchrome is so coquettish, but this kind of coquettishness is not derogatory, but a kind of natural charm!”
“Who said Zhao Yingchrome is a pendant!!?”
“This song is so unexpected!”
“My mom came in just now, and I felt a little guilty and wanted to put on my headphones!”
“Hahahahaha, brother, I understand you!”
“Those girl groups that sell meat are not so seductive even if they stand in front of workers and do dirty dances without clothes!”
The male audience was particularly excited, and the female audience was not disgusted either.
The charm of women, the feeling of softness and charm, are vividly displayed in this song!
this moment!
Everyone seemed to know Zhao Yingke again!
In the live broadcast room.
Pudding finally couldn’t help but speak: “Does Teacher Xianyu have anything to say?”
Lin Yuan still has the same two words.
He found a bunch of people at the training center to try out this song, and only Zhao Yingchun could sing it.
And on Earth.
The original singer of this song is Huang Ling.
Huang Ling also has a different kind of charm when singing this song.
When Zhao Yingke sings this song, she has the same tune as Huang Ling. At the same time, she also has her own characteristics in it. Even a harsh person like Lin Yuan can only say with emotion that this is a talent that other female singers cannot learn.
As for why Lin Yuan came up with this song
This was an idea that came to me after I came to Weizhou before and listened to the singing of Weizhou’s arena singer Jin Mina.
on the stage.
The seven judges have finished scoring!
The host said: “Please show your score!”
Swish, swish, swish!
Each of the seven judges showed their scores.
this moment.
The audience in the Qinzhou live broadcast room felt their hearts suddenly sink.
/at this time.
The audience suddenly burst into even louder cheers!
The last judge even directly gave the highest score to a single singer in the pop group so far:
97 points!
The game is based on average scores!
“We won this wave!”
“Zhao Ying Chrome is awesome!”
“Hahahaha, I knew it!”
“How can such a