ed with Yan Qingcheng to have lunch together. Yan Qingcheng saw that the teacher was so neat and cheerful, and she was not polite enough to push him away, so she stayed.

She didn’t hear Qin Yanan say that Liu Changan would come, and he also brought a little girl and a child.
/Shangguan Dandan was sitting on the sofa, grabbing a piece of sweet potato scraping with both hands and eating it. She was already controlled by the sweet potato scraping. She did not say hello to Zhou Dongdong, but only used her eyes to indicate to Zhou Dongdong that this was delicious.
So Zhou Dongdong sat next to Shangguan Dandan and also grabbed a piece of sweet potato scraping and started to chew it.
“Eat less of this, your stomach will be easily bloated. Eat something delicious for lunch later.” Liu Changan reminded Zhou Dongdong when he heard that he had a stomachache just now.
The two of them nodded together and decided to stop eating after only three pieces.
“I heard from Xiaotang that you also taught her lessons yesterday.” Yan Qingcheng was a little cautious, but fortunately she could talk to Liu Changan. Although she and Liu Changan were not actually close friends, they were already close friends here. The most relaxing conversation partner for her.
“It was she who taught me the lesson.” Liu Changan thought of Zhu Juntang’s understanding of “Guan Ju”, which was really mind-expanding!
Yan Qingcheng couldn’t help but laugh. She had been teaching Zhu Juntang for a while and had a deep understanding of it. She didn’t know why Liu Changan suddenly couldn’t think of it and wanted to teach Zhu Juntang.
In her impression, Liu Changan was not the kind of person who enthusiastically paid attention to the studies of his classmates, nor did he want to make money to support living and study expenses like her.
Teaching Zhu Juntang is the most troublesome of all the part-time tutoring jobs that Yan Qingcheng has had. The most difficult course to teach is just that the money given is too much. Yan Qingcheng feels that there is no reason to complain, as long as he holds the most valuable Just work with the most patience, care and seriousness.
Every time Yan Qingcheng finished giving lessons to Zhu Juntang, someone would transfer money directly to her. Yan Qingcheng saved all the money and sent a small part back to support her family. She did not dare to send all of it back for fear of worrying her mother. Anyway, There is no brother in the family who is waiting to sell her sister to go to school, buy a house and marry a wife. If there is really any need for money, it will be the same for her to use it.
“Actually, she is quite smart.” Yan Qingcheng looked at Liu Changan’s meaning and seemed to be dissatisfied with Zhu Juntang’s study. She felt that she should not agree with Liu Changan and speak ill of her employer behind his back, “It’s just that her thinking is different from that of ordinary people. , ordinary people would think that her ideas are easy to go astray. But in fact, her living conditions and background determine that the log