every year, many of which are popular.

The Lancet’s “Yang Xiaofan and Qin Tiange”, as a classic martial arts masterpiece, has been remade seven or eight times over the years, and every time it attracts some viewers, even if everyone is already familiar with the plot of the novel.
Lin Yuan also watched this Blue Star TV series when he was a child.
/I also know quite a bit about the plot.
“You should already know the situation.”
Zhao Jue sighed: “After the company bought the copyright of “Yang Xiaofan and Qin Tiange”, it invited two first-line TV drama actors to star in it. They took it very seriously, but maybe the audience was really tired of watching the remake of this drama, so even if Our cast is very good, but the audience doesn’t really buy it. The ratings have been declining recently. If this continues, the show will suffer heavy losses, so I was wondering if you could give some advice to our writers and guide them. After all, The entire company is very aware of your screenwriting talents.”
Lin Yuan was stunned.
He thought Zhao Jue was asking him to help write a TV script, but he didn’t expect him to come to the rescue:
“Isn’t the TV series already aired?”
“This is not a problem because our drama is being filmed and broadcast at the same time, and the script can be flexibly changed.”
Lin Yuan did not frown immediately.
This touched upon his intellectual blind spot.
He is better at coming up with a script directly, rather than changing other people’s plots, and he is not sure that the changes will be better.
“I know you might be embarrassed.”
/Zhao Jue hesitated for a moment before speaking: “So I was thinking, if you feel embarrassed, could you help me find Teacher Chu Kuang for help? You two have a good relationship, so it is okay to ask him to help polish it. I will negotiate the remuneration, mainly The investment in this drama is too high, and the company has great expectations for this drama. I think the plot can be saved.”
Lin Yuan:
Zhao Jue coughed: “Don’t you have a friend named Shadow? Although he is a cartoonist, he should be able to come up with ideas for TV drama plots. After all, where is the creative ability, and again, in terms of remuneration, I Come talk.”
Lin Yuan:
He was speechless.
Zhao Jue might not believe it when told that what Xianyu couldn’t do, Yingying and Chu Kuangjia couldn’t do together.
at this time.
Lin Yuan’s system suddenly beeped:
“Congratulations to the host for triggering the mission: to save a martial arts TV series that is about to hit the streets. The mission requirement is to double the ratings of the show. The mission reward is master-level calligraphy. Friendly reminder 1: Master-level calligraphy normally requires a gold treasure chest Only then can it be released; Friendly reminder 2: The host can apply the template of the earthly martial arts drama “Little Fish and Flowers” to the script adaptation of this work. The specific method of application needs to be explored by the host.”
Here comes the mission!
Lin Yuan almost thought that the