a mechanical failure.

Because of the shadow of his childhood, he was afraid of water and could not take a boat, so he simply drove out and encountered a “nuclear leak”.
/He tried to run out on foot, but was caught back by a group of people wearing chemical protective suits.
In front of the big screen.
None of the theater representatives spoke.
Everyone suddenly felt that Taoyuan Town was very scary!
It was like a huge cage, imprisoning Truman motionlessly.
No matter how hard Truman tried, he couldn’t escape.
In the movie, countless viewers watching “The Truman Show” discussed Truman’s actions with great interest. They loved Truman in words, but no one seemed to understand Truman’s pain.
There is a girl, the girl who once tried to tell Truman the truth. She may be watching “The Truman Show” live broadcast for many years outside of Taoyuan Town.
When she saw Truman piecing together her photo piece by piece, the girl’s eyes turned red.
“Don’t give up”
She looked at Truman on the screen and murmured.
Truman began to despair.
He found his best friend Ma Long and told him his experience, but his best friend comforted him:
“No one conspired to kill you.”
When Truman thought about leaving, everyone tried to tie him up.
His wife tied him up with money.
/His mother bound him with affection.
And now, his good friend Ma Long is using “friendship” to tie him up.
At this time.
The camera suddenly turned to the production team. The serious middle-aged man who was interviewed at the beginning was in the program production center, carefully designing touching lines for Ma Long:
“We have been good friends since you were seven years old.”
In the cinema.
It was eerily quiet.
But all the theater representatives suddenly felt a terrifying chill coming from their limbs.
Ye Hongyu adjusted his sitting posture uncomfortably.
Pan Lei didn’t speak anymore, but his hands were tightly entangled.
have no choice
All kinds of emotions came to my mind.
At this moment, they wanted to rush into the movie and tell Truman that Taoyuan Town was a scam!
Everyone is performing!
They are kidnapping you emotionally!
But these feelings are actually staged. My wife, mother, and brothers are all just illusions!
Right now.
Everyone is extremely eager for Truman to discover the truth and break out of this seemingly gentle, but actually terrifying cage!
On the stage of lies, everyone is dancing!
When Truman struggled to get up again and again, wanting to escape completely, he could only hit the wall helplessly again and again. His experience had unknowingly affected the minds of all theater representatives.
Truman was a little hesitant.
He couldn’t tell what was true and what was false.
And just then.
Truman’s father appeared again.
Malone said: “The source of all this, I found him”
Program Producer.
That serious middle-aged man directed a great reunion drama of the century, in which Truman and his father embraced in a cloud of dry ice!
“Closer shot!”
“close up!”
It is beauti