grab the headlines and trending searches!

As a result, everyone in the entertainment industry is in danger
Because once Lao Wang makes any big news, there will be celebrities who will be outraged.
/In order to prevent Wang Banbi from making headlines, some celebrities started running with the ball.
Just cruel.
Wang Banbi is probably annoyed to death.
Although he can also be on trending searches, his trending search will always be #王banbi的东西了again.
Fei Yang is also fucking annoyed.
What kind of broken sign is this?
Cooperate with Xianyu yourself?
In this show, the last thing Fei Yang wants to meet is Xianyu!
Whether it’s cooperation or duel!
It’s not because Fei Yang hates Xianyu. Rather than saying he hates it, it’s more like he’s a little scared.
Many emotions.
Fei Yang himself couldn’t explain clearly.
Anyway, he was a little reluctant to cooperate with Xianyu.
This is probably related to the fact that Fei Yang is a good-looking person.
But what makes Fei Yang hate himself is that while he resists cooperating with Xianyu, he is also secretly expecting something in his heart.
Depend on!
What am I expecting?
Fei Yang wished he could incite himself.
The agent next to him teased: “If you can’t beat me, just join. Chen Zhiyu has proven that this path is reliable!”
Fei Yang retorted loudly: “I was forced to join!”
It was indeed forced to join, but no one cared.
Anyway, it is an indisputable fact that Fei Yang got on Xianyu’s chariot.
Even if he posted a tribal update, Fei Yang could only announce helplessly:
Yes, we have a cooperation.
the other side.
Lin Yuan has already started selecting songs for Fei Yang.
Fei Yang’s vocal range is very wide, and his singing skills are also impressive.
Apart from the shortcoming of being emotionless when singing, Fei Yang is quite talented as a singer.
This also reduced the difficulty of song selection for Lin Yuan.
Just when Lin Yuan was about to decide on the song, he suddenly received a call from Tong Shuwen.
/“For some reasons, Feiyang may be absent in the next period.”
Lin Yuan was stunned: “He retired?”
Tong Shuwen explained: “It’s not that I quit the competition, I’m just absent from the next episode, so the program team decided to wait for Fei Yang to handle his own affairs before letting you two cooperate.”
Lin Yuan did not get to the bottom of it.
The program team was understanding, which meant that something was indeed going on, and Lin Yuan wouldn’t think too much about it.
“Then what will I do next time?”
“Teacher Xianyu can sing by himself. I think this is what the audience expects.”
“Sing it myself?”
Lin Yuan said: “Is it appropriate?”
When Lin Yuan sang “The Most Dazzling National Style” with Wei Yuanyun before, he didn’t dare to sing more, just because he was afraid that others would think it was unfair.
“Special circumstances will be treated with special treatment.”
Lin Yuan accepted Tong Shuwen’s suggestion.
A few days later.
The new episode of “Our Song” is out!
As soon as the live broadcas