ve this treatment.

A huge lion’s roar, more terrifying than thunder, exploded in the ears of the two men and the horse. The shock made Grandmaster Ma stumble in the air and almost fell down.
The more than ten-meter-long black lion stood in the mountains, its yellow eyes as big as a basin were as threatening as a blade. With a roar, many big trees were blown to pieces, energy was raging, sand and rocks were flying, a typical scene of the birth of a big demon!
The roar of the lion shook the sky, and there was actually a black light like waves crashing towards the sky. Several raptors flying from here exploded in an instant, their flesh and blood shattered.
Wang Xuan released thunder from his chest to block the dark light. His five internal organs forcibly resonated and activated the secret power, causing the blood hole in his chest to spurt blood again. The wound on his back was also torn and turned red.
Fortunately, they escaped to high altitude, and the black light was already thin when it hit them, and it was just the aftermath.
Even so, the two of them felt uncomfortable while riding. Their chests felt tight, and some of Grandmaster Ma’s wounds were open and dripping with blood.
/“Fly to the right!” Wang Xuan shouted. He reached out of the spiritual realm and found that the white scorpion’s tail emitted a beam of light, like a spear thrown towards the sky.
You don’t have to think about it. If you are really hit, you will either be blasted to pieces by extraordinary energy, or you will be poisoned and die.
“That elephant can fly!” Zhao Qinghan reminded.
In the mountains, there is an elephant that is red all over, surrounded by flames, and has a wide mouth and tusks. The runes on its big ears shone brightly, intertwining with brilliant lines, and continued to expand. The energy-enhanced ears were like big blood-colored wings that flapped, allowing it to fly into the air.
It actually flew up by flapping its ears, and its whole body was boiling with flames. A terrifying red fire rushed high into the sky, and the temperature was terrifyingly hot.
Fortunately, its speed is not that fast and it cannot catch up with Grandmaster Ma.
The extraordinary fire was a bit terrifying, burning the top of the mountain next to it red and partially melting it.
Grandmaster Ma was so frightened that he ran away. He grinned and screamed, his tail was burned, and there were dots of fire. Wang Xuan quickly swung his sword and chopped off a piece of horse hair.
Wang Xuan didn’t feel very good either. The remaining fire swept up by the thunder bombardment, and the wounds on his body were completely torn.
/Zhao Qinghan applied Dixianquan to his wound to prevent it from getting worse.
Finally, they escaped. Unable to catch up with them, the red elephant roared angrily, causing a mountaintop to collapse, causing magma to flow on the ground.
In a mountainous area with many herbivorous animals and no monsters, Grandmaster Ma landed. He was miserable, with various wounds bursting open and his body covered in blood.
It lay