empty inside, with only a faint mist lingering in the darkness.

“Are you surprised?” The mist in the coir raincoat rippled, and then a blurry man’s face condensed.
He sighed: “Long years have passed, where are there still living humans and monsters? Everything is just to keep the promise. In your words, it means that extraordinary power is leading, ferrying, and guarding here. I am just a remnant. of extraordinary power.”
He briefly communicated with Wang Xuan and gradually became familiar with modern terms.
“In this case, I can take you to trade. I think someone will be very interested in the rare treasures inside.”
Having said this, he gave off a faint light, and the bamboo boat moved and began to cross the sea.
“Who are we making a deal with?” Wang Xuan asked with a frown. This ferryman was too mysterious.
“We’ll be there soon.” The bamboo boat was like a stream of light crossing the endless sea, and finally reached the depths of the ocean.
He inadvertently glanced at the dagger on Wang Xuan’s body and said, “This dagger seems to have some skills. Do you want to trade with me?”
Although he was careless, Wang Xuan had an instinctive intuition that this dagger should be much more precious than he said.
“I don’t want to at the moment.” He refused.
The man nodded and said: “According to some agreement left long ago, I will bring you here, and you can trade with them.”
“Where is the person?” Wang Xuan didn’t see anyone.
“Wait patiently.” The ferryman shook his hands and shook the fishing rod made of the Feathered Divine Bamboo. Then he flicked it violently, and the fishing line and hook flew into the sky under the moonlit night.
Wang Xuan was speechless. Is this person going to fish in the air?
Then he discovered that the fishing line and fishhook really did not fall down, and he didn’t know where they were hung.
Half a quarter of an hour later, the sky lit up and a hazy halo appeared.
Wang Xuan was shocked. What did he see? Behind the curtain, there seems to be an immortal among them!
How did the ferryman throw his pole and catch the fish behind the curtain? What level of monster is he? It should be the feathered level!
“Someone is very interested in trading with you,” the ferryman said.
Wang Xuan had a lot of questions that he wanted to ask for advice, but he was holding them back now because he was afraid of dealing with those creatures that left big holes in ancient times.
As a result, the ferryman now seems to have contacted the immortals and wants to trade with him!
The sky is deep, and the bright moon sheds a soft light as hazy as thin smoke. The magnificent sea surface rises and falls slightly, shattering the moon shadow, and rippling out little bits of gold.
“I don’t have any rare treasures on my body.” Wang Xuan said. He didn’t want to face a creature that was probably an immortal.
/Even behind the curtain, he was still afraid of that kind of creature, which was unfathomable.
After experiencing the incident with the red-clothed female demon fairy, he did not dare to easily enter the