lity was completely different from that described in various supernatural novels. Even though a long time has passed, in this era, there are still various questions about ascending to immortality.

Everyone is groping forward, with no real fixed direction, and even the methods of practice have changed several times.
“Senior, regarding becoming an immortal, does it open up a high-level spiritual world?” Wang Xuan couldn’t help but ask.
“Ascension to immortality is too far away for us. Don’t make any assumptions. You will know when you get there.” However, the old fox finally told him that mortal treasures, the favorite items of the immortals, etc., can be taken with him to ascend to immortality. .
“All those who should have ascended to immortality but stayed behind will suffer from the Immortal Disease?” Zhao Qinghan asked.
Black Fox shook his head and said: “No, people who took the physical path in their early years and were physically strong enough don’t seem to get this disease, but they all left in the end.”
“It will be of great benefit for you to go deep into the secret land and get gifts from your ancestors.” Black Fox said.
/“Can you really ensure that we can leave?” Wu Yin asked cautiously. Such doubt seemed a bit disrespectful to the black fox.
Black Fox nodded solemnly and said: “Our clan, when we were responsible for guarding the cave, swore to take care of the descendants of the immortals. After handing over creation to you, we will naturally follow your own wishes.”
In the past, after the five debilitating diseases of heaven and humans broke out, there was no solution at first. Those strong men sent away many descendants and hurriedly ascended to immortality.
It was not until later that they gave the Black Fox Clan some solutions through the curtain, such as planting strange medicines.
“Now, all kinds of energy substances are richer than ever. Our spaceship cannot land. How can we leave?” Zhao Qinghan asked.
Wu Yin also nodded. Is this old fox lying to them and using their status as descendants of immortals to open the cave?
The old fox smiled. It could capture some fragments of their thoughts and said: “It’s good to be cautious, but if I wanted to do you harm, I wouldn’t have said so many words. I would just capture them and use them.”
It explained: “There is a spaceship in Liexian Cave Palace. It is a treasure refined by the immortal family’s methods and can sail to outer space.”
Is there such a treasure? For a moment, Wang Xuan and the two women were moved!
Black Fox added: “In addition, there has been a surge of energy in the secret land recently. After a while, the tide should gradually recede and become quiet.”
Wang Xuan asked: “How did the people from the three extraordinary planets Euler, Yuhua, and Heluo come here, and where are their spaceships?”
“Using your civilization to explain, they came through the cracks of the wormhole, not in a spaceship, but the technology of the three planets should not be weak.”
/The three of them were surprised. Does this mean they can go to those th