le Xiao didn’t seem to hear clearly.

Yuan Weiyang said: “He got the true biography. The content in Tuoyu Immortal Book is a fake book, not the true biography. Maybe it is only half the true biography.”
Uncle Xiao still didn’t understand, and said, “Weiyang, what do you want to say?”
Yuan Weiyang’s eyes were a little gloomy, and without saying anything else, he walked towards the jade slip Taoist book and said to himself: “He just used the martial arts method Dragon Snake Combination Strike, and his own vitality was not that strong. But when he did it, there was more The change of yin and yang greatly increases the power of the moves. That move coincides with the Tao of Taiyin described in the Immortal Book of Tuoyu, but there are additional changes of yang. It can be seen that the Immortal Book of Tuoyu is either a fragment or a fake book.”
/She came to the Jade Slip and Taoist Book, looked at the Jade Bamboo Slip, and thought, “Then, how did he get the true message from these eight characters?”
She sat down quietly, thinking hard about the eight bird seal characters and insect inscriptions on the jade slips, and tried her best to use her ingenuity, but for a long time she gained nothing.
Suddenly, Yuan Weiyang had a flash of inspiration, remembering the weird actions Xu Ying made in front of the jade slip Taoist book, and thought to himself: “Is this the reason?”
She immediately imitated the example and made the same move towards the jade slip Taoist book.
The eight weird moves Xu Ying made were not complicated. She had observed Xu Ying’s moves, so it was not difficult to learn them.
Uncle Xiao in Qingyi was dumbfounded. He only heard a disciple of the Zhou family muttering: “Okay, another one is crazy!” I don’t know who he was talking about.
Yuan Weiyang tried for a long time and learned Xu Ying’s eight movements perfectly, but he still didn’t get any results. He thought to himself: “There must be another way.”
She looked at Xu Ying and saw that Xu Ying and Jian Qi were not in the main hall.
She walked out of the hall and saw Xu Ying and Xian Qi climbing to the top of the hall at some unknown time. One made strange movements and the other was coiled there. One person and one snake breathed in and out, like pulling a huge bellows, the strong wind howled. .
Only between their breaths was everything calm.
This kind of cultivation method does not look like human beings at first glance, it is completely monster-like.
Yuan Weiyang jumped to the top of the palace and asked doubtfully: “Aren’t you going to study the fairy book?”
Xu Ying kept moving and was still slowly practicing the Taiyin Yuan Yu Gong, and said slowly: “I have learned it, so I won’t go.”
The big snake was aboveboard and said: “I don’t understand, so I won’t go. When Ah Ying gets familiar with it, let him teach me.”
Yuan Weiyang opened his mouth to speak, then hesitated and said: “I will ask your mother for instructions when I get back!”
Xu Ying stopped and asked curiously: “When you go back to ask for advice, are you planning to use the