t is it? The most precious treasure, an artifact in the royal realm, the true spirit is indestructible

Even if he is severely injured and his mental consciousness is torn apart, he can recover in an instant, but it has such a serious root cause.
“After the true spirit was penetrated, I was in a trance. I couldn’t help but talk in my sleep and said some words. It was very blurry, but I still remember a certain scene and some names.”
The mobile phone wonder became interested and said: “Tell me and listen.”
“The old saint is almost dead.” After saying this, the health furnace could no longer continue, and the vague words and memories disappeared.
It abandoned this memory and mentioned another paragraph: “Some of the must-kill lists failed to be destroyed and the names were erased.”
/The health furnace fell into a wonderful state and began to talk to itself.
“What should be destroyed should not exist.”
On the top of the mountain, it was the only one speaking, and apart from that, there was no other sound.
“Can’t solve it, so I changed the name again.” Then, it read some names that it couldn’t distinguish and hear clearly.
Whether it is it or the strange mobile phone, no one can figure out what they are at this time.
Then, the health-preserving furnace violently trembled, as if it was being hit hard. Terrible marks appeared on the furnace wall, including fist marks, bulging out. Sometimes time causes certain parts to rot, but there is cause and effect that allows it to return.
The mobile phone wonder said: “It’s a bit amazing. This time you have completely eliminated the root cause of the disease. I almost missed it just now!”
Wang Xuan and Jian Xianzi looked at each other in disbelief, and felt that the health stove had actually deformed and twisted, as if they had really been struck by mysterious powers such as fist seals and cause and effect.
“This” health furnace itself was shocked, and then, it became fully awake again and completely liberated.
“It’s the must-kill list, the most powerful creatures and transformed treasures that have appeared in history. I seemed to read a few of them. Every time I read a name, it was like being beaten once, and the true spirit exploded!”
It doesn’t even remember how many times the true spirit exploded back then. If it weren’t for the treasure, any other living being would definitely die!
“What are the names?” Mobile Phone Qiwu asked.
“I can’t remember. I only know that there are names of living things and objects. I can’t help but dream and recite them. Every time I say a name, my consciousness explodes once. After reorganization, the true spirit reads backwards. In the impression , the one in the middle is nothing!”
The health stove finally remembered a name. When I read this name from the must-kill list, it was really going to be gone. It was going to disappear.
But it is a treasure after all. At that moment, I woke up, fled the wasteland, no longer cared about the fragments of the treasure, and never looked back on those memories in the future.
Then it added