The last 4-time limit breaker appeared, walking out from the side of the giant palace. It was a star demon, which seemed to be made of starlight. It was hazy and beautiful, but it was actually a woman. She was wrapped in a star gauze and came here very gracefully. She was very beautiful, but she was very fierce when she acted.
In an instant, the stars and rivers intertwined, falling straight from the sky, covering Wang Xuan. It was the rule, and she wanted to kill Wang Xuan.
/At this moment, Wang Xuan just wanted to enter the central giant palace to see the truth and get close to the rules and regulations of the outer universe. He didn’t want to waste time.
“Nothing!” He shouted in a low voice, his brows glowed, and his supernatural sense was triggered. The “True One Sutra” was running, causing the woman to blur in an instant, and her body became dim, as if she was about to disperse with the wind.
With a bang, the falling galaxy rules exploded in the sky, and were shattered by Wang Xuan’s punch. At the same time, he rushed out like a ghost, grabbed the woman’s snow-white neck, and shocked her mental field to dim, and her whole body. Wearily, he was thrown to the ground.
He strode forward and directly entered the central palace.
Hell is very unstable. After serious consideration, each dojo decided to truthfully report to the outside world and ask for help again. The current hell is extremely dangerous, and it is too difficult to conquer a city.
There is also a huge wave in the current star sea.
The news of the massive defeat of various dojos finally came out. It was impossible to completely hide it. It was hearsay at first, and then confirmed evidence emerged.
“Hell is so scary. Piaomiao’s legendary outer world dojo. They went to hell, but they were all defeated. Not one dojo conquered a city?”
/“How terrifying is the city of hell? The disciples who broke through the limit four times had no choice but to escape with injuries. The storms in hell are turbulent, which is frightening.”
“Hell has no solution and is a truly dangerous place!”
At this time, Wang Xuan entered the central giant palace, and it was so quiet here. He did not encounter monsters attacking him. It was deserted and desolate. The once glorious central place turned into a cold palace.
He did not relax, his body was still tense, and the Yudao transformation texture flowed all over his body, ready to fight at any time. The Hell God City shouldn’t be so peaceful. The massive monsters outside speak for themselves.
Suddenly, his pupils shrank, and a faint mist of chaos floated out of the central giant palace. A gap opened in the void there, and then began to expand.
Then, an incomparable sacred light spilled out, making people awe-inspiring and unable to open their eyes. The massive monsters outside the giant palace were trembling, and many of them were kneeling on the ground, actually worshiping.
At this moment, the strange mobile phone object flew out automatically, silently looking at the opened chaotic crack space.
Wang Xuan stood with