tle report of the Beast Fighting Palace. A popular master, a female elf at the quasi-Beast King level, had just been beaten to the head and died miserably!

“She is the most victorious queen among heaven-level masters. She said that after fifty games on stage in the Fighting Beast Palace, she will be free and will retire directly. Unexpectedly, she has won 44 games in a row. After taking the stage today, It would be a pity to have his head blown off by a powerful opponent using the ‘Great Freedom Fist Seal’.”
Li Xu sighed sadly, looking very heartbroken and extremely regretful.
“Shadow, this is a deliberate attack, deliberately preventing the Night Elf Queen from walking out of the Beast Palace alive, it’s too dark!” Li Xu shouted.
Wang Xuan was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that he had such a side. He could tell that he might be a frequent visitor here and come to the Colosseum often.
“She is very popular?” Lao Zhong asked.
Li Xu said: “Of course, she has extraordinary appearance and excellent skills. She has awakened the arrow of the soul, one of the strongest talents of the elves, and can temporarily merge with the Taoist charm between heaven and earth. She can win so many games in a row. It’s amazing.”
Chen Yongjie said: “This is to fatten up the kill, cultivate her popularity to the extreme, and then chop it off with a knife to end her winning streak. Of course, she must make various bets in advance. If a black bank starts betting, she must make a lot of money. The bowl is full.”
“Yes, that’s what happened.” Li Xu nodded, looking angry and resentful.
/After a while, he saw the latest interpretation and said: “Hey, no, there is news that there was indeed an accident this time. The VIP who was watching the battle had itchy hands and spent a lot of money to go on stage to experience it and killed her.”
“Can spectators also come on stage?” Aoki was surprised.
Li Xu said: “As long as you pay enough for the wonders of creation, you can naturally have such an arrangement. It’s really perverted. The elf queen, who was like a flower and a jade, just died like this and will never be seen again. Alas.”
Then, he frowned and sighed: “It was the Elf Queen’s enemies who were so cruel. They sent her to the Beast Fighting Palace to humiliate her, but they still couldn’t get over their anger and finally killed her.”
When they arrived at their destination, Wang Xuan was surprised by how expensive the tickets were. Fortunately, he was worth a lot and brought many rare artifacts with him.
/A ticket is really extremely expensive, enough to meet the needs of true immortals and heaven-level extraordinary people for many years of practice.
As soon as they entered, they experienced the warm atmosphere of the scene firsthand.
In the void, there are strong men of various races, all of them extraordinary, fighting in a bloody battle, but if you look carefully, they are all battle projections, a collection of top battles in the past.
“Did you come to deep space?” Wang Xuan was surprised.
At first, they entered a magnificent