ky in these deep or shallow wounds. The blood was full of the same shape as the Taoist in Qingyi. The different fluctuations of God’s breath.

The true essence and essence of the blood flower seems to be very noble and profound. In the long-term process, it can always compete with the Taoist aura inspired by the Qingyi Taoist. Moreover, during this process, the blood flower itself is even more powerful. It is strange and evil, as if there is a strange aura within it.
This blood flower itself is swallowing up the majestic and disorderly evil energy from all directions. At the same time, it is also swallowing up the power of vitality and creation condensed under the guidance of the magical light. The blood seeping out and flowing from the wounds of those Taoists in green were actually swallowed up by the evil blood essence in the process.
However, during such a swallowing process, the blood itself was not prosperous.
From beginning to end, there was no change in light or dark of the aura.
On the contrary, in the continuous process of being swallowed by various Qi, the increasingly majestic Qi itself caused the blood to undergo even more strange and evil changes.
/It is no longer completely different from the Qingyi Taoist’s form, spirit and temperament. It seems that it is because the essence of Qi, blood and the power of creation have been swallowed up. At the same time, lingering in the wound, and again in a certain level and field, began to converge with the physical and spiritual essence of Qingyi Taoist.
Everything is mixed.
What’s really strange is that this process of becoming one with one’s own physical and spiritual essence is completely beyond the control of Taoist Qing Yi.
This means that some of the essence and principles in the blood essence are indeed strange and strange, but they represent a more advanced way of using Qi and blood, and a way of using form and spirit.
The core and background of the Taoism in this Taoism are actually the same as those of Qingyi Taoist.
It is precisely because of this that the smooth and muddy texture, like a baby swallow returning to its nest, gradually becomes evil and infiltrates people.
At the same time, the aura of the blood flower itself has never changed in light and dark, but as it becomes one with the essence of form and spirit, the color of the blood flower is changing. From the dark red color at the beginning, it has become weird and evil. In a strange change, it transformed into the ultimate bright red, and then in an even more weird and strange change, gradually after the bright red reached its peak, the red color faded again.
At this moment, in the increasingly reddish color of the blood, a rich and even bright yellow that was different from the dim yellow gradually emerged from the blood.
/It is full of “pollution” of disorder and turbidity.
But it is different from the rough, sedimentary and wild wilderness like the twilight and turbulent times.
Rather, it seems that in the chaos, the “polluted” charm is deliberately absorbed and condensed, and