bit unpreventable.

“Who?!” Sure enough, Lao Huang’s spiritual consciousness was extremely sharp. The place where he made medicine and weapons was invaded by robbers, and the other party broke one of his cauldrons?
It naturally realizes that it must be a true saint.
The Evil Saint covered up his whereabouts, escaped into the void, opened a time passage, and wanted to escape. He didn’t want to offend Lao Huang at all, and he couldn’t bear to enmity with him.
As a result, there was a roar and a huge sound of thunder, shaking the entire foreign land.
Lao Huang fired the forbidden thunder that he was best at. The light was boundless and accompanied by heavy fog, blasting through time and space and covering the direction where the Evil Saint fled.
/At this moment, the supreme beings in the Evil God’s Mansion felt that life was worse than death, and they were going crazy.
The stench suddenly became hundreds or thousands of times stronger, allowing him to block time and space, but the lightning with light mist was everywhere, targeting his soul.
In this world, some people have always suspected that Lao Huang’s “Forbidden Thunder” is not so sacred at all. It may be that it combines “racial nature” to emit a special “light of thunder”.
That’s right, many true saint dojos in other places are speculating that the forbidden magical power may be a “thunder fart” excreted by the true saint Huang Lao.
The holy path of evil is profound, but now I really can’t bear it, and I’m actually retching.
At this time, the entire foreign land was alarmed. What happened?
“Which fellow Taoist is this, he actually made Lao Huang angry? I admire him!” Someone sighed there, obviously gloating about his misfortune.
“Niu Ben, are you trying to resist Senior Huang’s forbidden thunder? It’s really amazing!”
Many True Saint Dojos were alarmed, and then everyone from the top foreigners to the True Immortals felt extremely shocked.
Some true saints are even in a trance.
The Evil Saint ran away, but he still couldn’t bear it. The so-called thunder of chaos was blocked by him and did not hurt him. However, the “poison” in the spiritual realm lingered and was still lingering. ” Aftertaste”.
With murderous intent, he broke into the outer world and approached the ruins of the Beast Palace again, desperately trying to find the rare mobile phone. Today he couldn’t bear it anymore.
“You really stink!” After seeing him, Mobile Phone Qiwu was so honest and rough and commented directly.
In fact, all the strangers couldn’t bear it. Even Wang Xuan was doubting life and quickly pulled Fang Yuzhu to hide in the mist beyond the real world.
Then, he shook the killing array map to beautify and purify the area.
/“Who are you?” The Evil Saint shouted, approaching with the fog of chaos and broken time and space.
“Give someone a rose, and the fragrance lingers in your hands. What exactly did you give?” asked the mobile phone Qiwu.
The Evil Saint’s face was so gloomy that it was dripping with water. He was extremely cold and said: “I will cut off