e, have no destiny, and have no myths. Is this consistent with the world behind the whirlpool?

Could it be that we can arrive and cross over from here? !
“My fishing rod seems to have bitten the hook.” The mechanical bear said weakly. He really didn’t have the confidence to face the two supreme beings, but now he had to interrupt them.
“So lucky?” Gujin was a little surprised. It emitted a soft light and illuminated the mechanical bear’s fishing rod, tracing back along the regular line.
The fishing hook seemed to pass through overlapping strange spaces, which all looked like decaying universes. In fact, the fishing hook kept moving forward without stopping.
“It’s not a valuable prey. Along the way, there is a decayed universe, the remaining extraordinary factors have not dried up, and there are weak gods and demons who are chasing after discovering the fishing hook. The fishing is considered to be disturbed.” Gujin informed.
At the same time, by casting spells on it, Wang Xuan and the mechanical bear vaguely saw the decadent extraordinary land, the decaying pure land, and the remaining monsters looking up to the sky, full of despair and helplessness.
/The fishhook was disturbed and did not stop. In an instant, it streaked across the starry sky like a meteor and flew away at a very fast speed.
The mechanical bear was moved. It realized that this set of fishing tackle contained the supreme rules of ancient and modern times. Otherwise, how could it be possible to penetrate the overlapping voids.
Gujindao: “Don’t think that I am omnipotent. Only in the 36 heavens, in several naturally formed cosmic vortexes, can I cast spells to fish the other side of deep space, and can cross countless overlapping spaces, universes, etc.” .”
/At this time, Wang Xuan turned to stone and was a little stunned.
Because, he thought of some old things and recalled some things he had experienced when he traveled far away and made the difficult journey from the decayed mother universe.
He once concluded that there are four paths in the mother universe, such as the cosmic crack, the extraordinary sea of ??light, etc.
Back then, he rekindled the extinguished fire and moved forward. Along the way, he saw various twisted scenery, monsters as flat as paper, huge fallen leaves falling, cutting open the planet, and even mysterious creatures trying to fish for him. , the huge eyeballs exposed are like looking down at the wellhead of the world
All of this made Wang Xuan unforgettable. Now after comparing it, he felt that he was connected to this place and seemed to have seen it before.
Here are the falling leaves of the cosmic tree, cutting through the stars, and the true saints and their disciples who occasionally come to fish.
What he saw on the road back then were the creatures and scenery in the bubble universe at the very edge of the extraordinary central universe? These are right.
Then, Wang Xuan sighed, the decaying universe and the creatures in the place where the extraordinary perished were a bit sad.
Of course, the true saints