so much impassionedness and righteousness, as well as racial dangers in this world? Even extraordinary catastrophes. You may have read some folk mythology scripts, some Thinking too much.”

However, he pondered again and said: “Perhaps, there was once a group of people who had great goals and wanted to survive together, but they were all dead, or maybe even destroyed. Now the true saints are all lying down, and they are sweeping in front of the door. Snow, just cross it by yourself, survive, and live, there are not so many brilliant tragic songs.”
Wang Xuan looked confused, which meant: What are you talking about? !
What he wanted to ask was whether there were any terrorist camps, foreign enemies, etc., but the True Saint of Yaotian Palace was vague.
When Gu Jin opened his mouth, he felt that what he mentioned was too vague, so he directly pointed to the topic and uttered two words first: “Old Saint!”
Old Saint!
As expected, this group has been mentioned throughout the ages.
Before the 23rd century, they were at the height of their power, shining brightly on the world.
Before the 17th century, they were still quite famous.
However, since then, they have suddenly become extinct.
Of course, it is undeniable that some people may resurrect themselves through corpses, but they may not necessarily be completely dead.
/There are also individual old saints who may have experienced “personality” and can be revived and reappeared.
Few people know why they suddenly had an accident at that point before the 18th century, and why they died completely in the years before the 17th century.
/“They encountered a very terrifying camp, with a group of unimaginable foreign enemies?” Wang Xuan couldn’t help but ask after seeing it pause.
Gu Jin was very calm and said: “You are overthinking. Fellow Taoist He Sheng once said that there are so many impassioned tragic songs. Don’t make too many associations.”
It adds that both the old saints and the true saints of this era are all for survival, and only by surviving can they look forward to others.
Gujin said: “Of course, the Old Sage may have really encountered something, but with all the participants dead, it has become an unsolvable mystery.”
Wang Xuan was very disappointed. Didn’t even ancient and modern people know this?
He knew very well that the beings in the black wooden box might have experienced “character people”, and they themselves might be creatures from the Old Saint period.
Gujindao: “Those who were lucky enough to survive had problems and unclear memories. Most of the so-called ‘characters’ and ‘things’ were tragic experiences. Some were passive transformations, such as turning from people to things, and some were It was the difficulty in recovering after being killed, and all of these are not proof of brilliance.”
Wang Xuan sighed, he still wanted to ask some ultimate secrets from it, but it seemed hopeless.
“Brother, what’s the condition of it?” He asked casually.
“It used to be extremely powerful, but now it has mental problems, which are more serious.