Do you need to think about it for so long? That means the location is wrong, otherwise I would really have to talk to him.

Of course, these are all side details. What really catches the eye is the dazzling light in the field.
Wang Xuan himself was as dark as an abyss at first, but after he slashed away with the Death Word Jue, he seemed to be swallowing all the extraordinary realms, and his body became gorgeous again.
The sky collapsed and the earth collapsed, and the highest spiritual world was torn open by the collision between Wang Xuan and the remnants of the dead path, reflecting the starlight of the decayed outer universe.
“Go ahead, is this super awesome?!”
The expressions of a group of people changed. Those who didn’t know thought it was a fight between strangers. What effect was this? Although the spiritual world is not as strong as the big universe, it is not that easy to penetrate.
On the battlefield, Wang Xuan looked solemn. He used one of his trump cards but failed to kill his opponent. Looking at it this way, the situation was a bit serious.
/On the opposite side, the remaining text of the Death Road was struck, and the texture of the piece was messy, as if countless strokes were washed away, violent energy fluctuations, and the scene was grand.
After a large number of fragments were scattered, each one was filled with dazzling light. Even the ones that had been cut off or extinguished just now were revived, just like the waves crashing on the shore and piercing the sky.
All the mysterious runes began to coalesce again.
Wang Xuan’s face was serious, without any slights, and he took it seriously. He once again doubted whether the remaining text of the Death Road was a double ultimate limit break, or was it derived from a single six break? !
Under the sky, pieces of broken text are arranged, with iron paintings and silver hooks, shining brightly, like different cipher texts cast from different banned materials, sacred and dazzling.
“New way, could it be said that there is a completely new way for living beings to understand the Dharma on the other side, and they want to re-create the world and evolve another extraordinary center, but in the end they died, leaving such fragments?”
/Among the saints, there are supreme beings who are making various speculations.
“You” said: “The remains of the dead passage have been revived, proving that the angler is not dead.”
At this time, everyone’s eyes were turned to the battlefield.
Quickly sorting the remaining texts of the Death Dao, it was actually different from before. The silver hooks, the black sword characters, and the golden tadpole characters seemed to explain the new path.
It is being reorganized, and many residual texts are misplaced, and then characters are used as materials to assemble the human form. The densely packed residual texts in the eyes are intertwined and rotating, which is more mysterious than the texture of Yu Daohua.
Wang Xuan took a deep breath. This most powerful forbidden sacred object was too extraordinary and ex