not-so-good memories. a past time.

“Hi!” Bai Hui said hello to Zhou Dongdong with a forced smile.
Zhou Shuling pushed Liu Changan. The little girl looked sarcastic and worried. She was obviously looking for something, but he still sat still on the ground.
Liu Changan stood up, took a small plastic bag, touched Zhou Dongdong’s high-raised horse’s tail, who was sitting there shaking his head, and walked to the thatched guardrail near the river.
“Zhou Dongdong is so cute, he is such a good kid, and everyone likes the round ones he eats.” Bai Hui followed Liu Changan and said with some envy.
“It’s all appearance, no matter what, he is a stupid kid.” Liu Changan glanced at Bai Hui, “You are just a stupid girl.”
Bai Hui obviously didn’t think that Liu Changan was praising her, but she wasn’t angry either, because Liu Changan who spoke like this was the normal Liu Changan, which showed that he had no emotions.
Maybe he didn’t care about the things he cared about at all. Bai Hui felt that she didn’t want him to misunderstand anything, and it was just based on his advice and comfort at certain moments in the past.
“I told the people in our dormitory that I would take them to eat all over the county.” Bai Hui coughed lightly and started talking.
Since Liu Changan was not invited to eat the entire county, Liu Changan nodded to express his envy.
“They asked if they could call some classmates. I agreed. I originally thought they were calling people from the next door dormitory, but I didn’t expect they were calling four people from another male dormitory. They are all classmates, so I couldn’t say anything.” Bai As Hui said this, he peeked at Liu Changan’s face.
/“Do you think I would think that you went from high school with two followers to college with four followers?”
/Bai Hui nodded repeatedly, then stiffened his neck and said hesitantly: “I just don’t want you to misunderstand. After all, Lu Yuan and Qian Ning both embarrassed me that night. Who knows you won’t think in your heart that I don’t learn a lesson? I don’t need to tell you that the dog can’t change, but we can be considered friends, right? It’s still necessary to protect our own image.”
“Normal interpersonal communication is necessary regardless of whether you are of the same or opposite sex. Don’t be too aggressive. Qian Ning and Lu Yuan are young at heart. They may not have any malicious intentions. Now that I think about it, I regret it. We still have to be friends. There is no need to care too much. After all, This is the origin of all the sorrow and resentment in this world, and the reason for being injured is because of caring too much.” Liu Changan glanced at Bai Hui, but he didn’t expect that the little girl had so many thoughts in her mind.
“I think men are all the same. They usually hold you up just for the sake of that. Once they find out that they have no chance, or feel that someone else has taken advantage of you, they will show their true colors and show their ugliness.” Bai Hui said with a sneer.
“Why are you sneering?” Liu Chang