“Gouzi, I’m waiting for you to change your mind. I’ll keep this body for you.” Wang Zesheng sent a message into the void.
At the end of the deep space in an endless and distant place, the spirit of the mechanical tengu was cursing. It did hear it and did not dare to stop. It used the spirit symbiosis technique again to run away.
Wang Zesheng said: “The water in the extraordinary center is very deep. It is not easy to encounter a dog by chance. It is actually related to the old saint, and may have the same origin as the ancestor of machinery.”
/While speaking, he suppressed the huge and boundless mechanical body, shrinking it to the size of a palm, turning it into a mini version of a puppy, very fierce, with flowing metallic luster.
Jiang Yun said: “Give it to Senior Brother Mei. Whether he conquers the mechanical dog in the future or returns it as a favor, it will be of great use. And this mechanical body itself is a true saint level, and it can be used instantly Reinvented as a prohibited item.”
The forbidden spirit symbiosis technique in the highest realm is quite miraculous and ignores time and space. After the mechanical tengu tried several times, its spirit returned to the outside world and became one with the main body.
“Woof! Woof!” On this day, there was no peace in the pure land of the world, and many people heard the barking of dogs.
After the mechanical tengu came back, he became more and more angry as he thought about it, and kept cursing and cursing.
However, it swore in advance to the avenue of the extraordinary center that it would not reveal anything about the couple, which immediately made it even more angry.
“The mechanical tengu holds a grudge the most. Who are you scolding this time? Why didn’t you mention his name?”
“It’s strange that this dog hasn’t scolded people for many years. Where did he suffer the big loss?”
In some true saint dojos, even the supreme beings were attracted to the scene and were very surprised.
“Is that the extraordinary center? It is indeed shocking, magnificent, vast, and unfathomable. No wonder many true saints are born.” Jiang Yun said.
Wang Zesheng nodded and said: “The endless foundation has been accumulated, and the appearance of the true saint, coexisting with it, has made it deeper and more magnificent.”
The two came, approaching the extraordinary center. Standing in the highest spiritual world, they could already see that there was an astonishing mythical tide ahead, which was surging and expanding.
Wang Zesheng smiled and said: “Not to mention, although I miss my two children, I actually miss Lao Yao quite a lot. I wonder if he will be happy after seeing me. I guess he won’t be prejudiced, right? ”
At this moment, the True Sage of the Demon Court was a little impatient and wanted to beat the King’s Royal Sage. However, the King ran away long ago and said he would not come to drink.
“The shining extraordinary center, here we come!” Wang Zesheng carried a long knife on his back, and together with Jiang Yun, they traveled through the highest spir