After several confrontations, Lu Yun could not dissipate the light, and suddenly, half of her body was broken, a blood hole appeared between her eyebrows, and her soul was pierced by a “silver hook”. She was severely injured and flew away. .
At the critical moment, Lao Zhensheng, who had spoken earlier, saved her and kept her from getting into trouble.
The scene was completely silent. Even Lu Yun, the Ultimate Limit Breaker, was defeated, and the defeat was rapid and complete, causing many extraordinary people to feel gloomy and chilly in their hearts.
Those who break through 5 are qualified to become the strongest disciple of a dojo. Those who break the limits of the extreme realm are even rarer. They can look down on their peers in the extraordinary world and dominate an era.
Although Lu Yun is a woman, she is this kind of person. She has short black hair that reaches her ears, clean and neat, and has extraordinary appearance, but now her face is pale and her face is miserable.
This fiasco was a big blow to her.
/The saints are here and there is no way that anything could happen to her. Even if half of her tall immortal body is in tatters and her forehead bone is pierced by a silver hook, she is still recovering quickly.
However, she was very unhappy. She suffered a huge defeat in the first battle. Compared with the remaining text of the Death Road, the gap was obvious.
If they met on a real battlefield, she, the ultimate limit breaker, would never stand a chance.
This was not a blow to her alone, but to all extraordinary beings, and they all felt the atmosphere was heavy.
Because “you” said that what you see before you can be considered a microcosm of the future, a preview.
“Don’t mind. In fact, you have done a very good job.” The old true saint who saved Lu Yun said.
The other true saints also nodded, and Gu Sanming, the supreme powerhouse of the demon clan, personally explained: “This legendary holy object was evolved by the supreme angler who lived for more than ten centuries or even twenty or thirty centuries. Only you can The younger generation is a little weak in their attacks, so there is no shame in losing. As long as they are not killed instantly, it is not considered a defeat.”
“Huh?” Lu Yun raised her head.
“At that supreme height, it would be extremely terrifying if they were to re-enact the peerless realm. In fact, when they grow up in the future, their targets should be saints like us.” Gu Sanming said.
Many people breathed a sigh of relief, otherwise their hearts would be extremely heavy and blocked. One of the strongest and most powerful people on their side was defeated miserably against the creatures on the other side.
/This also means that it is highly likely that the extraordinary beings present will find it difficult to fully compete with the six taboo sacred objects.
Sure enough, even the remnants of the big bosses from the old camp spoke up and said: “Don’t worry about taking action. Everyone can weigh it. There is no need to worry about the gains and losse