is place with a wave of his sleeves.

She sensed the terrifying power that could turn everything into ashes, including herself, and some of her memories awakened. She had also explored the various mysteries in the realm of becoming an immortal in the past, and she wanted to open up a new path, which gave her a sense of familiarity. .
With a bang, she was knocked away, and some areas of the hazy immortal body were feathering, becoming light rain, and about to be decomposed. At this time, the other party reached out and grabbed her real snow-white neck with a bang.
“It’s a pity that the place of return to one’s true nature is 80% gone. Otherwise, you would be really suitable to participate in the battle of true return. Maybe it is prepared for people like you.”
The mysterious woman spoke. She was seriously offended this time. However, she was not emotionally disturbed. She had been disrespected too many times.
Wang Xuan released his palm and asked: “What is going on in the Land of Return? In the early days of the Age of Gods, someone participated in the so-called real battle. What does it mean?”
/“Everything is for the sake of truth.”
Recently, Ling Han, the junior sister of the Lupo Nirvana Dojo, has been dormant and does not dare to show up.
After she learned that her senior brother and senior sister Mingxuan had come to the new world, she decisively retreated into seclusion and planned to stay there for a while.
However, she did not expect that after waiting for a few days, Fairy Mingxuan, who had a quiet and elegant temperament, would directly take her out of the retreat.
“Senior sister, how could you do this? I’m going crazy!” Ling Han was frightened in the quiet room, and he decided to let the imperial runes all over his body, indicating that he had a big problem and needed to retreat urgently.
“I’ll help you take care of it.” Mingxuan carried her out directly.
Zhuo Yue, An Sheng, Gu Qing and others were dumbfounded. Was Fairy Ling Han of Lu Po Dojo being picked up?
What can they do? They didn’t try to dissuade them at all, they were very aware. After serving tea in the dojo, they all watched and ate melon.
It is covered with sycamore trees, the lake is clear, and the environment is elegant, but it has become a place of judgment.
Yihui said: “I heard that you sold your senior sister Mingxuan in public and became Wang Qingzhou’s Taoist companion inexplicably. All the strangers in the new world know about it?”
“Senior brother, it’s not my fault. The situation at that time was severe and complicated. I was just trying to protect myself.” Ling Han cried out.
Ming Xuan also spoke: “I heard that Wang Qingzhou is equal to 2.3 Yu Yan and 2.4 senior brothers. Are you the one who evaluated it?”
Ling Han suddenly felt numb. She only used Yu Yan and senior brother as units of measurement in private to evaluate Wang Qingzhou’s strength. How could it be leaked?
Is this really a mixed doubles situation? She looked at her senior brother and senior sister Mingxuan.
Obviously, Eldest Brother Yihui is okay. Howeve