tinuously waved his big bow and used various time secrets to fight against each other. A terrifying roar erupted between the two, and the sky of history seemed to be intermittent.

/The left arm of the True Saint of Time almost fell, and a large area of ??dark red gushed out from his shoulder. Half of the True Saint’s body was dyed red with his blood, and his shoulder blades were cut open.
In fact, this is not his battle alone.
When Wang Zesheng swung his sword, he was definitely not aiming at one true saint, but at the four saints at the same time. He performed it with a supreme magic method. He seemed to be discontinuous and differentiated, appearing in various places and attacking different opponents. .
Gui Xu Zhensheng Zi Mu Dao is indeed very strong. In the moment when the waves of the universe rise and fall, he condenses a real world.
He used the true saint’s method to refine the decayed universe, turning it into a huge and boundless container that absorbed and swallowed up all the sword light, hoping to “discharge” and consume the opponent’s power.
However, when the long black knife crossed the sky, the light of the sword composed of the imperial runes was too fierce, like a hot knife cutting suet, directly cutting open his cosmic container, it was extremely sharp.
As a last resort, he fought with the opponent, condensed the supreme law of space, and formed a true holy blade. In the dazzling light and the surge of space power, he fought with this mysterious opponent.
Then, he groaned, the five fingers of his right hand were bloody and bloody, and the sharp blade embodied by the law of the supreme space in his hand was broken and shattered.
Then, the opponent’s sword light spread, and even when he activated his domain dozens or hundreds of times to block it with the power of Guixu, the space holy shield was still cut open.
Guixu True Saint Zi Mudao’s right hand was in severe pain, and the five fingers that had fallen off and exposed bones were now partially missing, and four of them were chopped off.
There was an endless cold light deep in his eyes. After many years, he experienced this kind of pain again. There was no doubt that the opponent was a fierce dragon crossing the river, and he cut off four of his fingers in the first battle!
The same feeling happened to the True Saint of the Paper Temple. She was the only woman among the four, but her Taoism was very profound and she was really not weak.
But now, after fighting this man, what she saw was an endless world of sword light, burying her. She used magic to fight this man.
During this process, she felt her face was hot , liquid was flowing and spilling, and she was almost cut open by a sword.
A horrific wound spread from her left cheek down to her waist and abdomen. There were blood stains. In the tit-for-tat confrontation, she was almost split open.
“Why are the people in the Transcendent Center so domineering? I actually just want to kill the true saint of the Tattoo Palace.” Wang Zesheng said to himself in the light of the sword tha