ered a loss. It seems you are also to blame.”

“Should you exchange your innocent little face with your mature figure, and make your eyes more mature and polished? How dare you beautify his arrogant look and say that he doesn’t take the initiative to cause trouble and is kind to others? What’s your look!”
Wang Xuan successfully picked a flower with dazzling golden light. In an instant, the petals fell in the mist and withered, revealing a golden disk, a bit like a sunflower?
There are many seeds on the disc, which are not the same as sunflower seeds. They are more like some kind of nuts, no more, no less, one hundred and eight. Each one is as long as a finger, and the whole body is golden. After peeling, The pulp is also golden and fragrant.
Then, he realized that it was indeed a great tonic. He had used the mental illness method just now and had consumed some of it. As a result, his spiritual power was instantly strong.
In this way, he walked forward and peeled the golden melon seeds all the way. His energy and spirit were improving, and his soul was surrounding the golden clouds. The effect was extremely remarkable.
/Ling Qingxuan began to take action, first contacting Wu Tian through Xiao Yue, which made the latter’s heart suddenly tremble.
Fortunately, Wu Tian discovered that it was a false alarm and it was not suspicion of him. Moreover, this kind of contact was very beneficial to him. He had an additional identity as a cover. Now he can be regarded as a collaborator of the descendants of the world.
Then, Ling Qingxuan contacted the two kings of Wuxing Mountain through Xiao Yue.
Wang Xuan wanted to say, you two, it’s fate that we met again not long after we fought.
However, under the general trend, he could only go along with it. Even if they met, he would not recognize them. He raised his chin and looked at them in surprise.
“Many people here know that I don’t like to fight and kill, and I don’t want to get involved in other people’s grudges.” Kong Xuan said calmly.
Ling Qingxuan thought she heard wrongly. Didn’t he say that this person was the most ferocious monster here? The famous stabbing on the head, what is he saying, he doesn’t like fighting, is he serious? !
She glanced at Xiao Yue, who shook his head and secretly told her that Kong Xuan, whom she learned from others, was the most ferocious and domineering, dared to challenge the extraordinary, and almost killed one in the bronze arena!
Seeing Kong Xuan’s aloof look, Ling Qingxuan was a little impressed. It was rare for a demon king with such character to reject her. Could it be that he didn’t know that he came from a place outside the world?
“Kong Xuan, Fairy Ling values ??you so much, so just follow her for the time being.” A man in black walked over and broke through the fog of the avenue. Lotus flowers appeared under his feet with a faint smile.
“Who are you?” The second king of Wuxing Mountain unsurprisingly showed his expected and consistent wildness, with a cold eyebrow. Who can make the decision for him?
The young man in black i