time, I sealed it outside several star fields, and it followed silently. Fortunately, I know its past. , considering that the blood resentment is about to revive again, be prepared.”

In the distance, Wang Xuan couldn’t calm down. He felt extremely sorry for the woman and was unwilling to accept that the man was still alive. He knew who it was, Shang Yi, the mad swordsman!
“Shang Yi, who is said to be a dog, is so lucky. He didn’t even kill him with the feather banner. Don’t tell me, he got rid of the entanglement of the death energy detected by the frigates of the Taichu mothership. What will happen next is another kind of death. The auspicious energy spurts out, bringing great blessings to the sky!”
The worst time in Wang Xuan’s life was when he was fighting Shang Yi, and the entire interior was blown up. He narrowly escaped death. After counting all the battles, the one that was the closest to death was definitely the one where he was closest to death.
That day, he first fought a decisive battle with the big evil spirit possessing Qi Tian, ??and then fought against Shang Yi. He fell into a desperate situation, even the sword fairy Jiang Qingyao got involved, and was finally put into the treasure health furnace to maintain his vitality.
Especially, Shang Yi in front of me actually disguised his appearance and walked in the world like him!
Do you want to bring him endless hatred in the future? He wanted to curse again, Shang Yi who is like a dog!
The mobile phone Qiwu said: “What is cause and effect, what is destiny? You pretend to be someone else every day, just pretend to be Kong Xuan, and you also created Lu Renjia. This was not enough, and you created another Monkey King, the Monkey King. Now Okay? Someone has come to impersonate you, this is the cycle of cause and effect.”
“You’d better shut up!”
Wang Xuan stared at Shang Yi in the bright starlight in the dark universe, and really did not want to see this cold-blooded, ruthless and powerful enemy become a stranger.
If the two meet, they are destined to fight to the death and there will be no room for relaxation.
Before coming, he had guessed that after entering the extraordinary universe, there were only a few extraordinary people from the mother universe who could become aliens in such a short period of time.
First of all, we have to recommend Shang Yi and Fang Yuzhu, because they are the best in the mother universe, and secondly, Yan Mingcheng and Bai Jingshu, the parents of Demon Lord Yanyan.
He didn’t expect that he would meet Shang Yi, who least expected to become a stranger.
If you think about it carefully, this person is several thousand years older than the others. A conservative estimate would be that he is over six or seven thousand years old. He is the only top person alive in the ancient times of the mother universe.
/This matter was very secret until the myth was decayed and at the end of the world, Shang Yi went to kill Wang Xuan, hoping to harvest a person with a special inner place again and use it for him, and wanted to have a mor