pirit was no longer in a trance, and he was fully recovered.

“You are a magic book!” Wang Xuan said. It controls people’s emotions and rewrites people’s memories. This is really too much.
“Goodbye!” The book blurred, submerged into the extinguished barrier, and disappeared.
Soon after, Wang Xuan left the planet and returned to outer space.
“Two asylum talismans will be rewarded!” A voice came from the steel fortress as huge as a city suspended in the void of the universe, giving Wang Xuan a reward.
The reward was given in public, leaving all parties in a daze. This was really a huge reward and caused quite a commotion.
Of course, in this kind of test, there are also humanistic considerations. In a fierce battle, if the opponent surrenders early, the winner must stop and cannot kill everyone.
In general, everything is about extending Chaofan’s life and finding a way out, and the organizers don’t want to be too bloody. They knew very well that the myth was likely to be completely decayed, and there was not much hope. They should not let extraordinary people suffer excessive casualties in this final year of the myth.
Whoosh whoosh!
Countless rays of light rained away, and the contestants began to be sent away one by one, heading to the nine-piece extinguished barrier, where was the battlefield!
Aoki’s expression changed. Is this going to start immediately? I really can’t wait, but Wang Xuan’s injury hasn’t healed yet!
“Isn’t this a deliberate attempt to increase the difficulty and try to hunt Wang Xuan?”
Wu Yin and Zhao Qinghan were both worried and suggested not to participate.
“It’s okay, I have the asylum talisman. Besides, I don’t think we will always encounter hell-level levels.” Wang Xuan said. Since he has participated in the war, he naturally does not want to quit midway.
“You don’t want to participate.” He looked at Qingmu, Ma Chaofan, Xiao Huxian, Zhao Qinghan, and Wu Yin.
“The first three rounds are the qualifying rounds. Once they start, you cannot withdraw from the competition midway. After the three rounds, the real cross-domain war begins. The Grand Barrier and the real world start the war at the same time. You can withdraw at any time at that time.” There was a voice reminder in the steel fortress. .
“Are you cheating?” Ma Chaofan shouted.
“Warning, if you humiliate the defender of order more than twice, you will be wiped out!” Severe criticism came from the void of the universe.
Ma Chaofan was in a daze, and finally muttered: “Does this mean that I can still be humiliated without risk? Then keep it for now, and I will scold you when I am unhappy!”
/Wang Xuan also felt that it was a cheat, this was a violation of the rules, but mainly because they came in too hasty and did not study the rules carefully, so their understanding was limited.
In an instant, they also set off and disappeared from the steel fortress. With the rain of light, they were transported to a large extinguished barrier!
In the extinguished Great Barrier, there was desolation, broken mountains, broken plains, lack