ittle rest, I can return to my perfect state and kill you again with my strongest physique.” He said calmly.

In the distance, in the spaceship, the expressions of the Shadow couple and Fang Yuzhu changed slightly. They were both earthly immortals in this world and knew that what he said was true. This was a very serious problem.
However, soon, their eyebrows spread.
Deep in the universe, Wang Xuan was talking vaguely, not caring about the other party’s confident attitude. He was holding the furnace body on guard, his whole body glowing.
“Huh?” Qitian quickly understood that the soul crossed the space and “smelled” a certain faint fragrance, which was the smell of heavenly medicine!
“You can blend in with the rules, and your Wang Jiaozong will have no means to recover? There is nothing else, but there is no shortage of heavenly medicine!” Wang Xuan said.
Now that he was exposed, he stopped hiding it and started chewing and swallowing. His whole body was shining, and the flesh and blood wounds were shrinking.
In the past few days, he has been traveling back and forth between the Land of Nothingness and the Land of Life. In addition to planting medicine and digging for meteorites, he also picked back leaves of heavenly medicine. As long as they sprouted, he collected them.
The extraordinary is about to come to an end, and he still doesn’t know what will happen to these heavenly medicines. He plans to replenish it in the final stage, and he must be prepared for the sudden attack of the evil dragon. If there is an accident, he can heal his wounds.
Now it really comes in handy!
Not far away, Jiang Qingyao was no longer trying to hide herself. She generously took the heavenly medicine, and the glow flowed from her mouth, rushing towards her limbs and bones, nourishing her body and soul.
“The heavenly medicine is suppressed very much in this era. Can you recover as fast as me?” Qi Tian walked forward, ready to take action. He was covered by the regular glow, and his blood and soul power were restored and improved very much. quick.
“Then give it a try!” Wang Xuan said, swallowing enough leaves of the heavenly medicine in one go. When he reached his head, he took out a tea cup and took a big sip of the fairy tea that had been brewed in advance. He moistened his chapped lips and left his mouth full of fragrance. .
This is intolerable! Qi Tian’s eyes were cold, who was he showing this to? On the battlefield, no one had ever dared to treat him lightly.
/Three thousand and five hundred years ago, he was born, invincible, and did not meet any opponent. Even the emperors joined forces to kill him, and they all paid a heavy price.
Wang Xuan didn’t think too much about it. He didn’t mean to anger him. He just wanted to moisten his throat and drink fairy tea during the tense and cruel decisive battle, because he was really tired now.
Fortunately, the natural medicine is working.
Carrying the furnace body and lid, he strode forward, crossing the universe and actively approaching his opponent.
/“Do you dare to throw away