yal master, and its energy was astonishing.

At this time, they all let out a sigh of relief.
“Xiao Zhang, you are working for someone else.” She restrained herself and did not have an attack. Instead, she reminded Zhang Daoling.
“That boy is so brave!” Lao Zhang was no longer calm.
“There’s Fairy Fang, there’s me, and the most shameful thing is, there’s Demon Ancestor, Qi Teng, and others. He’s not taboo on meat and vegetables!” The Nether Blood Cult Ancestor’s eyes were also straightened.
At first, after the light of their souls receded, their memories were wiped away, and they had no memory of what happened in the Land of Nothingness. So when they saw such a clone, they were all stimulated and wanted to find an opportunity to beat Wang Xuan!
On the ruins of Yuhua Palace, the silver-haired god could no longer hold on. He could no longer remain indifferent. He had already become truly angry and confronted Wang Xuan. He continued to fight from magic to physical body. The battle was very fierce.
All kinds of peerless spells bloomed like fireworks in this place, and the magical weapons roared softly, constantly breaking through the sky, impacting, and violently confronting each other in the heaven and earth.
“Go!” The silver-haired god shouted lightly, and the three silver-white spears were like three hanging galaxies roaring through the heaven and earth, crisscrossing the various incarnations.
This is equivalent to the skill of wielding a sword, but he is wielding a spear, which is equally terrifying.
Wang Xuan, in the form of Fang Yuzhu, is full of immortal charm. His white clothes are moving, and he is unfolding the secret technique of feathering. There is light rain everywhere in the sky and the earth, and his figure is everywhere.
The three silver spears were imprisoned, being continuously impacted by the light rain, and slowly disintegrated.
“The Heavenly Demon Reincarnation Technique!” shouted the “Demon Ancestor” from behind. The most powerful demon tribe’s secret technique had already been used. It was obviously in the present world, but it would make the opponent fall into a short mental reincarnation and fall into a preset terrifying scene.
Chi! boom!
The Demon Lord held an oil-paper umbrella. The umbrella rotated, covering the sky, and an endless sea of ??thunder fell. This time was different. All the immortals appeared in the thunder, and followed him to kill him.
“The Twilight of Ten Thousand Immortals Crossing the Tribulation!” This kind of thunder song, such a great catastrophe, is used to deal with the gods, then it belongs to the Twilight of the Gods.
The thunderbolt struck down together with the immortal’s shadow, causing the silver-haired god to cough up blood.
With a bang, Fang Yuzhu flew over and punched down in the air. With the light of feathering, he punched a bloody hole in the chest of the silver-haired god.
/“Oh, use your body to nourish my life, parasitism of the fairy fetus!” The mysterious silver-robed man who walked out of Zheng Yuantian’s ashes said coldly. The s