an Tian slashed straight down, the sword edge entwined with white light, and the power was so powerful that it pierced people’s eyes, as if it was also an immortal and incomplete version that integrated several sword intentions.

Juan Fei raised his sword, and the sky was covered with red light. The moment the two swords collided, a sword roared into the sky.
Mu Lichen slid down the sword’s edge smoothly, and the sword soul found a flaw in a ten thousandth of a second. He shook the sword’s edge, first lifting it as if it was light, and then lifting it as if it was light. The moment it swayed away from the Great Detian, the scorching white sword light went crazy. roar.
This sword contains the hatred of being imprisoned for hundreds of years.
The long arm flew out, and Jun Fei stained the void with blood. The iron-clad strongman remained silent, controlling the Great Detian with one arm, and waited quietly for his left arm to recover.
However, it didn’t. The life in the severed arm was wiped out, and there was no tendency for flesh and blood to grow.
The method of sword talisman!
This man was so fast that even when his hands and feet were freezing, he was able to hide it from my eyes.
/Juan Fei was horrified and timid for the rest of his life. His sword path suddenly lost its order. Although it only lasted for a moment, under the influence of Mu Lichen’s sword soul, this moment was enough to kill him.
The bamboo stick moved forward and inserted directly into Juan Fei’s left eye socket. The juice exploded and the pain made him grit his teeth unbearably.
The physical pain was secondary, but the mental blow was terrifying. Juan Fei knew he was no match, so he fended off Mu Lichen with a sword and escaped through the void.
The black crack tore open, and Juan Fei ran away in embarrassment with one arm and one eye. He was shocked to realize that there was endless murderous intent behind him, and he looked up to the sky and screamed:
“Master, save me!!”
“No one can save you.”
Mu Lichen stalked in pursuit, his black hair dancing wildly, and his black sword reaching the back of Jun Fei’s neck.
On the other side, Chong Yuxiao, who was fighting fiercely with Qin Fangtian, heard his apprentice asking for help and hurriedly came to his aid.
The broad sword washed through the sky filled with stars, forcing Qin Fangtian to take half a step back. He opened his mouth and spat out a stream of black light, heading straight in the direction of Juan Fei.
The black light rose up in the wind, past Jun Fei who was running away in embarrassment, and when it arrived in front of Mu Lichen, it turned into a figure shrouded in anger.
The deep black eyes stirred up the whirlpool, making Mu Lichen feel frightened. It was the person in Shui Zeyuan’s tomb.
Earthly Immortal Corpse!
Shuizeyuan, the corpse of the earthly immortal.
The purpose of seizing the immortal corpse is very simple, to cultivate the immortal sword power.
Chong Yuxiao told Qin Fangtian that he understood the Immortal Sword Intent, which was right and wrong,