ture that there is only one true me in the world? As long as you are not embarrassed, even if the best masters in the world look at you with strange eyes, you are not afraid. Why worry? “Chen Yongjie comforted.

He hit a bronze mirror on his forehead, fell down beside three piles of fire, and was in a daze for a long time.
One day and one night, Wang Xuan’s injury was completely healed, Chen Yongjie was also fine, and he had almost memorized the scriptures by heart, which was a great harvest!
Then, the two of them ran away decisively, because Xuan Ling allowed them to leave and did not chase them back. Instead, Lao Zhang was dragged along to continue the discussion.
“Which civilization do you belong to? Since it has disappeared and remains in a shabby form, what’s the point? Let me leave.” Lao Kai opened his mouth.
In fact, he had no intention of getting a response, because there was no normal communication between Xuan Ling and people in the world at all. They were just chanting sutras and discussing Tao across time and space, as if they were sitting on opposite ends of the sea of ??time, each talking about his own things.
“I am your ancestor, and these are all your ancestors.” King Nüwen opened her mouth and sighed quietly, actually responding truly across time and space.
Lao Zhang almost fell out, who should he consider as his ancestor? But he held back again, and his face turned serious in the end. This King of Wan was very strong, how could he communicate like this?
Zhang Daoling was silent for a moment and said: “In this life, the myth reappears like an epiphyllum. After a short period of beauty, it quickly withers away. There is still no way to deal with it. Do you have any important revelations for future generations?”
“Civilization migrates, leaving only embers of myths. We set out at the most glorious time, using the human sword to open the way, overcoming thorns and thorns, hoping to find the place where myths will never be extinguished, and travel far away as a family. However, in the end, we came back crying and the extraordinary will last forever. Being falsified is indeed a short-term accident. Compared with the starry sky, we can only exist for a moment each time. We are exhausted, get the truth, fall bloody, and return to our homeland. We have exhausted the mythical time and have no way out. The universe corrects errors, reality Cruel, myths naturally arise and die by chance, but we were too demanding. In the end, we burned and buried all the classics and ritual vessels to let the myths dissipate and let ordinary interpretations become normal.”
Lao Zhang was numb. Rather than having a conversation with him from afar, the Nülang King was summarizing the dissipation of the mythical world in which he lived.
/However, they were unwilling to give up in the end, otherwise why would they have turned into ghosts and still exchanged scriptures with those who came after them? This is the obsession of the departed ancestors of a mythical civilization.
Wang Xuan and Chen Yongjie’s bones have g