the improvement of his cultivation level, the difficulty of opening the other three secret treasures has been greatly improved. Normal magic weapons can no longer open those three secret treasures. Tibetan.

But if he has the Eight-sided Sword in his hand, he can open the other three secrets!
The sky made of flesh and blood suddenly drooped, like a huge meat ball hanging from the sky. Noisy sounds also sounded in the hearts of everyone, disturbing their mental thinking.
Suddenly, the flesh ball split open, revealing an eye, and the noisy sound reached its peak at this moment, making people confused!
The two huge magic swords behind Jin Buyi suddenly clanked, and all the noise disappeared, leaving only the crisp sound of the swords.
That huge eye rolled around and focused on Jin Buyi from a distance.
/The sword light behind Jin Buyi burst out, and the ten thousand feet long sword energy split the sky, causing the nearby flesh and blood to continuously break.
The old Golden Crow stood there motionless, letting his sword energy expand and sweep across the world.
/That eye seemed angry and was about to attack. Suddenly the light of a knife caught his eye, and the next moment the huge eyeball split in half!
The two sword aura behind Jin Buyi became stronger and stronger, the sword light became brighter and brighter, and everything where the sword shined was cracked!
A cold snort came from the piece of flesh and blood covering the sky, and suddenly all the flesh and blood quickly retreated, not daring to compete with the sword light.
However, the sword energy behind Jin Buyi became more and more powerful. With Jiucailing as the center, it expanded in all directions, covering an increasingly wider area, occupying half of the sky.
“Hold on tight.”
Jin Buyi hummed in a low voice, “I’m old, my energy and blood are declining, I won’t be able to hold on for long.”
Xu Ying felt awe-struck in his heart and hurriedly helped Qingyu treat his physical injuries. However, Qingyu’s injuries in the Xiyi Realm and Yuan Shen’s injuries were beyond his ability to heal.
Xu Ying took out a jade bottle and said: “I still have some essence of the original path here. Miss Qingzhu can take it and it should be able to quickly restore her cultivation.”
An Qi asked in surprise: “Ah Ying, where did you get the essence of the original way?”
The big clock hanging around his neck swayed feebly, as if he had something to say.
Xu Yingdao: “Before I return it to Master Jiang, I pour out a little bit for my own use.”
“A little bit?”
“A little bit.”
General An Qi was doubtful when he saw Fairy Qingqi take a sip from the jade bottle and then return it to Xu Ying. Apparently, there was still some remaining essence of the original path in the jade bottle.
“Aying, is it really just a little bit? Let me see!” the big snake shouted.
Xu Ying quickly put away the jade bottle and said sincerely: “Seventh Master, you know, I am not young anymore. I have to think about the rest of my life and prepare the betrothal gift as soon as possible.