ense, Chu Weiyang raised the Xuanzhen Treasure Mirror in his hand and looked at it with the mirror light. As soon as the hole shone through the mid-air, the next moment, there seemed to be a torrent of dim light flying out of the well mouth and disappearing.

At this time, as early as when Chu Weiyang decided to open the underground palace formation, he had already taught all the cultivators to return to their bedrooms and courtyards, hold their breath and concentrate, meditate and meditate, recuperate their energy and spirit, and prepare for the formation.
At this time, as the torrent of water penetrated into the courtyard of the bedroom and into the eyebrows of every Xuesha Tao monk sitting on the futon, in an instant, they all held up the seals mechanically and sluggishly, and then Blood flames hung in the palms of the hands, and then each of them penetrated the blood flame mana into the brass circle facing them.
The dim light flashed away, and soon after, it released its control over the cultivators. However, when they looked around, no one put away the blood flames in their hands. Instead, there were several people who looked at the scales on the side of the magic circle. The change actually enhanced the output of the blood flames.
/Because Chu Weiyang had almost made it clear, secretly or openly, that the scale accumulation of blood flame mana was the real criterion that determined who could redeem the blood evil method.
Just like Ji Xun in Dao City, it was Chu Weiyang who had another layer of authority over them besides Dao and the law.
In an instant, in the evil pond in the underground palace, in the dim yellow background, as the blood flames of the cultivators were poured into it, there was a bright red light shining, and in an instant, it was like flowers of blood were shining in the pond water. Like flame.
In addition to the evil energy of water and evil spirits of fire, there is once again the evil energy of blood from monsters and beasts that has been integrated into the water to participate in the grand event.
Moreover, the moment the blood flames appeared, it was like activating the talisman array at the bottom of the pool. For a moment, the dark blue flames flashed away. But as the flames appeared, in an instant, what colorful colors appeared , all dispersed in the “calcining” of the magic circle.
Not long after, when Chu Weiyang looked again, the huge pool was clear again.
/Moreover, as the dark blue flames illuminated, for a while, the pool almost turned into a warm soup, but the water vapor gradually began to evaporate and dispersed in the underground palace. It made people feel carefully that the wisps of water were… It’s all extremely pure evil spirit.
Chu Weiyang used the power of the magic circle to create a Yuanmen treasure land on Lingfu Island where all kinds of evil spirits had accumulated!
On the spot, grinning, Chu Weiyang turned over his hand and was holding a jade slip with thunder light in his hand, ready to take a closer look.
Suddenly, Chu Weiyang stopped moving.
With th