e would have to skin himself even if he didn’t die!

Suddenly, there were only two muffled sounds, and two figures fell from the sky and smashed into the imperial chariot.
Xu Ying immediately stood up and saw two Taoist boys from Qingfeng Mingyue, one on the left and one on the right, sandwiching him in the middle.
/Xu Ying couldn’t help but move the Taiyi Golden Bridge to suppress the two of them, but was hit by the auras of the two Taoist boys and the Golden Bridge could not fall.
At this moment, there was another pop, and King Dong fell into the imperial chariot and shouted: “Xu Tianzun, save me!”
He was also severely injured and injured by the supreme magic weapon. Now three of his limbs were broken, leaving only one right leg that was not broken and fell on the ground.
When Dong Wang saw the two Taoist boys Qingfeng Mingyue, his expression suddenly changed, and he secretly complained in his heart. He was about to run away, when the Taoist boy named Qingfeng suddenly said: “It turns out to be a senior fellow from the Shangqing Taoist sect. Senior brother, save me!”
After saying that, the two Taoist boys were exhausted and fell to the ground.
Dong Wang was shocked and doubtful. He struggled to crawl out with his seriously wounded body. He was inexplicably frightened: “I have been hunting geese all year round, but I was blinded by the birds. I fell into the den of thieves! This man named Xu, and the two Taoist boys belong together!”
Xu Ying said quickly: “Dong Wang, misunderstanding, this is a misunderstanding! Dong Wang, Dong Wang! He climbed so fast.”
Xu Ying walked out of the imperial chariot and saw that King Dong had gone away without a trace.
“What he came in this time was just a clone. The calculation power is not as good as the real body. Otherwise, even after a little calculation, it still can’t be calculated.”
Xu Ying raised his head and glanced at Yingzhou. The goddess was sitting in the Amitabha Palace, with a red face and excitement in her eyes.
“As long as the goddess is here, no matter how he counts me, I will be on the same side as Qingfeng Mingyue. But I still believe in people and will still help King Dong.”
Xu Ying secretly thought it was a pity. If Dongwang’s clone stayed and helped him heal his three limbs, he would be able to help him and fulfill his promise.
When the ginseng fruit tree appears, if you kill him while grabbing the Tao fruit, you will live up to your alliance.
“Immortal Lord, the person who sacrificed the supreme magic weapon is killing people, let’s go quickly!” the goddess urged.
Xu Ying returned to the imperial chariot, and the imperial chariot immediately flew away, wondering: “Who sacrificed the supreme magic weapon and plotted against so many masters?”
The goddess shook her head and said: “I’m not sure. This person’s cultivation and conduct must have touched the edge of the Supreme.”
Xu Ying thought: “The only ones who can make the calculations of the Goddess inaccurate are the Emperor, Tianzun, and Dongwang. That ruler of mountains and rivers measuring up