rs he mastered was gradually increasing!

Not only Jin Buyi felt this way, everyone from Han Demon Emperor to Kun Demon Emperor to ordinary monsters felt that their cultivation strength was constantly improving!
The demon clan’s laws of heaven and earth are incomplete, so the magical powers of these demon cultivators are naturally inferior to those of other laws.
But now that the Demon Ancestor is resurrected and the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth is restored, the Demon Clan has finally risen again after suffering such a long period of decline!
Next to Xu Ying, the big bell was breathing in and out like a monk, and its body suddenly grew larger and smaller.
/It can breathe and exhale originally, but it is just a simple collection of qi, and its cultivation is extremely slow, far less rapid than stealing the qi and blood of Xu Ying and Gong Qi.
Because it came too easily, Da Zhong gradually forgot about this cultivation method and concentrated on stealing the energy and blood of Xu Ying and An Qi.
Now, after Xu Ying’s guidance and painful experience, it began to practice step by step.
There were too many marks engraved on its body, and most of the marks did not require a thorough explanation. At this time, Xu Ying was by his side, so he humbly asked for advice.
Da Zhong figured out the meaning of various brands bit by bit. He no longer just wanted to imprint runes and Tao patterns on himself, but to explore the mysteries of Tao, magic and supernatural powers.
Previously, he refined the Yaochi Immortal Dew and gave it to the Demon Ancestor, but now he started to condense the Yaochi Immortal Dew for himself.
“The Immortal Dew of Yaochi contains the power of life and death. If you take it, you will be reborn, and your soul will also transform into an immortal. If I continue to practice at this rate, it won’t be long before my soul reaches the peak of Yaochi and steps onto the Divine Bridge!”
While he was practicing and pondering, he headed towards the direction of Lihentian Dousita Palace.
“Taoist Yuan and his junior uncle must be waiting in a hurry at Tushita Palace, right?”
When Xu Ying thought of these two people, he felt guilty in his heart, and said to himself, “This time I have to go to Tushita Palace to see them no matter what. I can’t let you two wait any longer. They have been waiting for me for five years.”
More than ten days later, both Xu Ying and Da Zhong have made considerable progress.
The big clock’s breath gradually became purer, and the movement it caused became louder and louder. When it became louder, it made the space buzz, and when it became smaller, sand and rocks flew around.
Xu Ying pointed out: “I studied swordsmanship with Jinhe Sword Master. Jinhe Sword Master said that practicing swordsmanship is like cultivating the truth. First, practice the Five Qi Chao Yuan Sword, divided into five elements and five attributes, then refine the Knocking Sword, and then refine the Water and Fire Interaction Sword.” Refining the golden elixir, then refining the soul of swordsmanship, and so on.