He hurriedly came to the emperor’s residence and asked to see the emperor to inform him of the matter.
“Is Xu Ying about to escape from the sixteen-character seal?”
/The emperor was surprised. He stood up and looked at the sixteen-character runes. He saw that eleven of the runes had been wiped out, leaving only five runes. He smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter. I have prepared the means, and Gao Bodhi will eliminate them for me.” Get rid of him. The only holy Buddha in the world is enough to refine and suppress all evildoers!”
Xu Ying came to the study room, and the books placed here were those from when he was a child. He stroked these books, and memories of his childhood came flooding back.
At this time, Xu Ying saw the words on a book, and the handwriting gave him a familiar feeling: “This is my father’s handwriting. But”
He was suddenly stunned and hurriedly grabbed the book. The handwriting on the book was very fresh, and it didn’t look like it had been stored for tens of thousands of years!
“The words in the book were written by someone not long ago!”
Xu Ying’s heart was pounding, and he suddenly rushed out of the mansion and looked at the vast Yingzhou mountains.
This Yingzhou is the fairy mountain he stole from the fairy world for his father!
His father should be living in Yingzhou!
In the majestic mountains of Yingzhou, Jijue Buddha stood alone, still silently waiting for Xu Ying, and whispered: “Almgiver Yaying told me not to go far, where has he gone with the great mercy and compassion!”
He blasted out with a palm, the ground in the distance shook, and an immortal corpse was killed by his compassionate hands.
The emperor looked at the five remaining runes and said calmly: “Zhongfu, do you know? When two kinds of immortal seals are superimposed, they can only exert 70% to 80% of the sealing power. When one of the seals When it is exhausted, the power of another seal will gradually appear.”
Hearing this, Jiang Zhongfu immediately understood what he meant and immediately turned to look at another shrine.
The smoke curled up in the shrine, and there were eight other words floating in the air.
Desolation, violence and sorrow, violence and stupor!
The emperor looked at these eight words and said leisurely: “Now, it is the turn of these eight words to exert their greatest effect. If a person is desolate, sad, violent and unconscious, then he will make mistakes and he will be close to death.”
Jiang Zhongfu was sincerely convinced.
Xu Ying stood on the fairy mountain, his heart racing.
That handwriting is his father’s handwriting, and his father is still alive!
He is not an orphan!
Back then, he must have found his father, so he stole Yingzhou from the fairy world and placed it here so that his father could live here safely.
“Wait a minute! My father is here. Pingnan Tianjun is also here with the corpse ghost fairyland. They are searching everywhere for the whereabouts of Young Master Ning Qing. If they endanger my father’s life,”
Cold sweat rolled down Xu Ying’s forehead, his