Young Master Ning Qing shouted violently and used the Dao Wheel Seal. This seal is the most powerful and domineering among Yutang’s Thirteen Forms. Faced with Xu Ying’s ferocious magical power, he could only use stronger magical powers to deal with it and fight head-on. !
The moment the two magical powers intersected, Xu Ying let out a muffled groan and was crushed by the Dao Wheel Seal. The nine-layered dragon sky fell from the corpse phoenix and fell downwards.
His realm of six immortals lacks two realms, and he is not as profound as Master Ning Qing. In the collision of fierceness and domineering, he is still inferior to Ning Qing.
Before he hit the ground, there was a sudden loud sound of earth shattering beneath him, and a larger corpse giant rose from the ground, leading thousands of corpses into the sky.
Xu Ying happened to land on the back of this immortal corpse. Thousands of corpses and ghosts surrounding the immortal corpse were extremely ferocious. They each used their magical powers to attract souls and souls. Thousands of chains were inserted into Xu Ying’s body.
Xu Ying was stuck in those chains, just like hundreds of spider webs. The webs were very strong. Fortunately, these chains did not affect the physical body, but passed through his body, penetrating into his body and locking his soul.
The thousands of corpses pulled back together and shouted in unison: “Crack!”
Xu Ying didn’t move at all, and the chains of thousands of ghouls that held their souls were all broken.
All the corpse ghosts were startled: “This person’s soul is so strong!”
Young Master Ning Qing fell from the sky and landed on the back of the giant immortal corpse. Xu Ying immediately activated the Eight Desolate Sun Refining Seal to meet his seal.
The two of them were beaten so hard by each other’s strength that they fell from the back of the giant immortal corpse.
Below, Hua Cuoying, Nalandu, Hua Qingqing and others looked up to watch the battle, and were about to take action to rescue the two of them. Suddenly, the ground shook beneath their feet, dragon roars stirred, and the body of a huge dragon shook down. The mountains and dirt on their bodies opened their mouths and roared, carrying them high into the sky!
The body of the divine dragon was filled with strong corpse aura, and several disciples of the Hua family and Diecuigu disciples with lower cultivation levels could not hold on. Green corpse hair suddenly grew out, and there was a tendency of corpse transformation.
Nalandu and Hua Qingqing hurriedly helped them calm down their corpse energy to prevent them from turning into zombies.
The divine dragon chanted endlessly, and actually carried them into the torrent of geomagnetic energy, and rushed towards the sky along with the torrent!
/Xu Ying and Young Master Ning Qing fell down, but they still did not hit the ground. Instead, they landed on the canopy of a precious chariot. The canopy was in tatters and full of holes. It was not much better than the canopy of Xiao Tianzun’s Qilin Chariot.
Two dead d