nyone who can help me reduce 70% of the power of the Heavenly Tribulation.”

Around the calamity cloud, figures hiding in the darkness left one by one.
Grand Master Jiang Qi carries the Heavenly Punishment Sword on his back and senses his surroundings at all times. He just promised to pull the Heavenly Tribulation into a cloak, so that the masters hiding in the dark would be exposed unconsciously, and he would secretly remember their locations. At this moment, these masters left one by one, which made him sigh in relief.
“In this tribulation, many of my Taoist friends have cut down on the catastrophe of heaven, and Your Majesty also strives to avoid man-made disasters. Now the time, location, and people are all my advantages. I can sit back and relax.”
But the moment his breath relaxed, an invisible thread suddenly swung over. There was a fishhook on the thread, and it hooked the back of Emperor Zhou’s head!
This scene was not expected by Grand Master Jiang Qi, other great Zhou Qi masters, or the Emperor of Zhou and others.
I saw the fishing line shaking, and it actually picked up Emperor Zhou with a roar, and flew towards the calamity cloud in the sky.
Grand Master Jiang Qi raised the Heavenly Punishment Sword without thinking, and with a swish of murderous intent, he cut off the fishing line!
An extremely thick thunderbolt fell and struck directly on the head of Emperor Zhou, knocking him out of the air and hitting him hard on the Haojing Immortal Platform.
Seeing this, the other Dazhou Qi Refiners activated their magic weapons one by one, causing the long bridge to rise into the air and press against the small boat under the calamity cloud.
/“Chanchan, your junior brother is here to get the dog heads of you and Emperor Zhou!” Xu Ying said loudly to Feilai Peak.
Flying to the peak, Zhu Chanchan glared angrily: “You are the head of a dog!”
Just as he was speaking, the magic weapon of the Great Zhou Qi Master was already facing Ye Bianzhou, and Zhu Chanchan’s face suddenly changed: “No! They shouldn’t use the magic weapon!”
The man in the bamboo hat stepped on the boat. The boat was very small and not as long as his body. Stepping on it felt like stepping on a big leaf.
The man in the bamboo hat walked towards the long bridge where the waves were lying. On the bridge, the bronze dragon had revived, and the bronze unicorn had also awakened. They were large and small, roaring incessantly, exuding a monstrous aura, comparable to an adult ancient beast!
But the next moment, the man in the bamboo hat punched out, and there was only a bang. No matter the bronze unicorn dragon, the long bridge, or the long river under the bridge, they were all beyond the control of the Great Zhou Qi Refiner!
/Their mark was directly erased!
Regardless of the unicorn horned dragon or the long bridge and long river, they attacked them, erupting with terrifying power, which was even more powerful than when they were sacrificed in their hands!
The small boat carrying the man in the bamboo hat flew under the long bridge,