ther Xian, what are you going to do with it? How many heads will you pick off, and how much money will you make?”

The new official has three fires when he takes office, and he and his second brother add up to six fires. Normal people can’t bear it. The Dongwang Mansion is prestigious and abject, so it’s just right to be neither good nor bad.
“Brother, look, this is something that the younger brother dug out from the back garden of the Dongwang Mansion.” Lu Bei opened his mouth and spat out a golden knife, a jade seal, and a large stone tablet inscribed with ‘The Eastern King shall stand’.
“Hiss, hiss”
Hu San gasped at the bad luck in the cell: “The golden sword and the jade seal are also a major crime of rebellion, the Yi clan!”
“Isn’t that right? It’s a serious matter, so I came here to discuss it with my eldest brother.”
“Wait a minute, why is this jade seal a white board for printing?”
Hu San raised his hand to stop, pointed at the stone tablet and said silently: “There is also this big stone. Forget about the golden knife and jade seal, such a big stone has no mud at all. Are you sure it was just dug out?”
“To be precise, it hasn’t been buried yet.”
“Brother, please speak!”
“Talk nonsense!”
Hu Sankuang rolled his eyes: “Rebellion is a serious crime of confiscating homes and exterminating families. There are hundreds of people in Dongwang Mansion, including the three clans, and only the Dongwang Mansion lineage, a total of two thousand heads. Brother, you are a bit ruthless.”
“If a person is not ruthless, he cannot stand firm.”
Lu Bei sneered three times: “I have offended them anyway, so why not offend them to death? If they all die, I can sleep peacefully.”
/“That makes sense.”
His second brother was justified. Hu San could not refute. He lowered his head and thought for a while, then slowly said: “If I am not wrong, this is my first time to frame someone for rebellion, right?”
“My elder brother is wise, and my younger brother knows that he is a decent man and cannot do anything wrong, so he came here to ask you for advice.”
“Well, keep it with me.”
“When to set off?”
“There’s no rush, it will take at least three days.”
Hu Sanmo calculated for a while and added: “Slow work makes the most of careful work. The golden sword can be used as soon as you bring it, but the jade seal and the imperial robe will take some time even for me.”
/“Okay, but before that, my eldest brother will send me a task. It’s like writing a document.”
“What the hell, I’m just an accomplice, how can I become the mastermind?”
Hu San was furious, this was the rhythm for him to take the blame.
“What a big deal. Look at your cowardice. I’ll do it myself. Where’s the big seal of the Yamen?” Lu Bei stood up with a groan, angrily scolded Hu San for not taking responsibility as an eldest brother, and strode towards the Yamen office.
Today, he wants to issue a task for himself!
At Sanqing Peak, halfway up the mountain, one hundred and twenty players gathered, each armed with a set of Xuanyin Silver Guard dog skins and a sta